A recent study by the C.D.C. has estimated that 30% of Americans will have diabetes by 2050.  The mainstream media has already reported this extensively, and it appears baffled by the new revelation.  However, diabetes is not the only disease that is rising annually.  Despite assurances from the medical establishment that there are stunning breakthroughs in modern medicine, cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer's disease and autism are not going anywhere.  In fact, they are becoming rather common, and thereby more profitable.

Statistics That You Should Know Before Listening To Your Doctor

  • 41% of Americans will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetimes.
  • 24 million Americans (8 percent) currently have diabetes.
  • Diabetes rises 5% annually.
  • In 1999, 60% of heart disease deaths happened suddenly, in people who had no previous symptoms, and normal cholesterol levels.
  • In 2010, there will be half a million new cases of Alzheimer's disease.
  • Incidences of stroke are increasing, and are occurring in younger people than ever before.
  • Autism currently effects one in every ninety-one children.
  • Adverse pharmaceutical reactions are the fourth leading cause of death in the United States according to the U.S. Census, and they kill more people every year than all U.S. wars combined.

These depressing statistics are never reported by the big media, because they show the dismal failure of modern medicine.  Emphasis by modern medicine is always placed onto the most profitable illnesses.  For example, why is more attention given to breast cancer than heart disease?  For every woman who dies of breast cancer, 11 will die of heart disease.  The establishment prefers that nobody die of disease, but instead live reliant on drugs indefinitely.  Breast cancer is a particularly favored disease because people do not usually die from it, yet treatment regimens using surgery and chemotherapy pay extremely well.  Of course, when the treatments themselves cause the cancer to spread, it is no longer "breast" cancer anymore; which is one way to cook the books.  Into the future it is the treatments, or these newly fueled cancers, that end patients' lives.  Either way, the doctors get to celebrate their patients not having died from "breast cancer".

The new diabetes statistics fit in well among this compilation, but no major news outlet will ever be completely honest about the dismal state of our official health care system.  Americans are constantly getting fatter and sicker, and the very things that they are told will fix these problems are actually designed to make them worse.  Diet drinks and pharmaceuticals directly cause diseases, but they are still paraded as the healthy alternative.  The C.D.C. blames obesity for the escalating rates of chronic disease, but obesity is not a cause, but a symptom.  Most notably, it is a symptom of toxicity, in which the body stores toxins inside fat tissues as a defense mechanism.

People are constantly sickened by mislabeled health products like soy, fluoride, homogenized milk, poisonous salad dressings, artificial sweeteners, and diet foods.  Deception is rampant throughout the chemical industry, which is now responsible for almost all of the food that most Americans consume.  As people get sicker and fatter, many of them turn to these products, and express shock when their problems escalate faster than before.  This is why the diet industry is booming, and it will continue to be more profitable in future years.  It is the business plan.  Like their chemical industry brethren in the pharmaceutical industry, the diet industry realized that curing is horrible for business.

Until this pattern is both realized and confronted, Americans will continue to get sicker.  The problem is that real change will require that money to a massive industry dry up.  The United States' organized system of medicine is currently ranked 37th in the world, which is far from what we have been led to believe.  America is one of few countries in which direct-to-consumer pharmaceutical advertising is tolerated, for it allows pharmaceutical companies to directly manipulate the big media outlets, who are entrusted to keep check upon them.

Some of you may remember that smoking only became truly stigmatized in the U.S. after it became illegal to advertise for cigarettes, because the big media organizations had refused to publish anything seriously negative about their highest paying advertisers.  As soon as it became impossible for the media to collect money from big tobacco, there was an immediate media frenzy, and an absolute pile-on of attacks against tobacco in the news.  Reporters were like sharks smelling blood for the first time.  Very soon after that came the famous lawsuits that decimated the tobacco companies.  They had never lost a major court case prior.  Guess which industry is the highest paying advertiser to big media now.  The marketers who work for the chemical companies run commercials telling people that only drugs can provide happy, healthy families. This comes straight from page 422 of the official big tobacco advertising manual.  One just needs to be hooked on the right drug.

Meanwhile, other civilized countries around the world are beginning to notice that food additives come at a cost.  The United Kingdom has now placed a ban on artificial colorings in children's products, and there have been media highlights about sodium benzoate (benzene) throughout the European nations.  Bisphenol A (BPA) has been banned throughout the majority of Europe, and Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Japan.  These decisions were not made in paranoia, but with hard scientific evidence that there are unacceptable dangers inherent to using these chemicals.  There have been no changes in American policy regarding these substances, and it would appear that the more toxic the better, as far as U.S. regulators are concerned.

It has now become something of a war between those who want to be healthy, and those who want us to live on drugs.  Nothing will change by itself.  It never has, and never will.  It requires that people petition, demonstrate, and state their desire for change.  It is possible to not become a statistic, and to independently take control of one's health.  Not only are most diseases preventable, but they are curable.  You can cure cancer, diabetes, heart disease, autism, celiac disease, fibromyalgia, and plenty of other diseases that are deemed 'incurable' by the current disease management industry.  Of course, they cannot be cured by chemical-industry poisons, and they never will be.  The methods of maintaining good health have not changed in eons.  Health requires personal responsibility, informed patients, wholesome foods, exercise, and the avoidance of poisons.

The Claimer: The information provided herein is intended to be a truthful and corrective alternative to the advice that is provided by physicians and other medical professionals. It is intended to diagnose, treat, cure, and prevent disease.