Genetically Engineered Sugar BeetWhen we began our work at Health Wyze Media in 2008 as Naturally Good Magazine, we knew that genetic engineering was a rapidly-growing problem. Yet we were ignorant of the staggering breadth of the problem. Only a small percentage of the health researchers such as us, and the top executives of the biotechnology industry have any comprehension of how corrupted the food supply in the Americas has become. The problem is so wide and so severe that we have avoided reporting it for fear that truthful reporting on this topic would harm our credibility. People would never believe it. For us as reporters, the exploding disease statistics prove that our discoveries are not flawed or exaggerated, and those staggering numbers include all of those supposedly mysterious "genetic disorders" that never existed before in history. Let's not forget those new "immune system disorders" either, which do not afflict peoples in remote societies that live on organic diets.

The U.S. Government works in close collusion with the biotechnology industry. Monsanto is the biggest producer of genetically engineered seeds worldwide. It averages about $8 million in payola to political campaigns every year. U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas worked as a lawyer for Monsanto, and coincidentally, has never voted against Monsanto in any of its legal battles. Eight lawmakers hold stock in Monsanto. Senator Kay Hagan from North Carolina is a typical example, and she is given routine tours through Monsanto's research facility like visiting royalty. Monsanto directly contributed $500,000 to federal candidates during the 2012 election. Monsanto also partners with CropLife America, one of the largest lobbying groups in Washington. Michael Taylor, the Deputy Commissioner of the F.D.A., worked as the Food Safety Czar and Vice President of Public Policy for Monsanto in a revolving door system of employment for appreciated F.D.A. employees. Monsanto maintains close friends in the establishment that makes the regulations governing food labeling, and in the governmental agency that evaluates the safety of genetically engineered foods. Dow chemical company, the second largest producer of genetically engineered seeds, has similar governmental relationships.

"If you put a label on genetically engineered food you might as well put a skull and crossbones on it."

-- Norman Braksick, President of Asgrow Seed Company, a Monsanto subsidiary

One of the reasons why these companies are so opposed to labeling is that independent groups would then be able to track the diseases that are caused by genetically engineered foods. They would finally be able to publicly conduct controlled studies that are focused on the health implications. Universities and research foundations are currently unable to perform such health-related research on genetically engineered foods, because both the seeds and the genetically engineered genes are patented. Seed producers either refuse to provide the seeds, or only provide them with non-disclosure agreements that prevent researchers from revealing the results to the public. This how the 'science' of genetic engineering is manipulated to ensure that only positive results get published. The scarcity of independent research that actually gets published is an indication of how bad the results must be overall.

The companies listed in the following data tables have been working tirelessly to ensure that we never get the right to know the truth about our foods. They have perverted our laws through targeted campaign contributions, and they have rigged referendum votes. For example, California's Proposition 37 which would have required G.M.O. labeling in California, had the support of 90% of the electorate before going to ballot on November 6th, 2012; but it somehow lost with only 47% supporting it. We are expected to believe that 90% of the population of California went from supporting honest food labeling to only 47% of California wanting to know what it was eating, in the span of a couple of hours, during only the voting period. What supposedly happened in California is a statistical impossibility, but the opposition felt that it had to win at all cost. Requiring the labeling of genetically engineered ingredients would have ultimately required accurate labeling across the entire United States, because it would have been too difficult logistically and too expensive to manage two product lines for every product sold. If the California citizens had been allowed to have their vote, then genetically altered foods would have disappeared from American grocery stores.

For decades, these evil companies have been replacing the natural ingredients in the foods that they manufacture with artificial chemical substitutes. Thus, these companies are more responsible for our current epidemics of diseases than anyone else, and the people responsible ought to be tried for mass murder. Now they see the opportunity to not only replace natural food ingredients with chemicals, but also with artificial Franken-foods from the nuclear and biotechnology industries as well. We call for a boycott. The companies denoted with a red dot () are subsidiary companies that specifically market to have healthy products or to have natural ingredients. Many of these companies have been repeatedly sued for making bogus health claims and lying about their ingredients.


Mountain Dew Lay's Gatorade Tropicana 7-Up
Doritos Lipton Teas Quaker Foods Cheetos Mirinda
Ruffles Aquafina Pepsi Max Tostitos Sierra Mist
Fritos Walkers

Kraft Foods

100 Calorie Packs A1 Steak Sauce Arrowroot Athenos Baker's Chocolate
Bagel-Fuls Balance Bars Barnum Animal Crackers Boca Breakstone's
Bull's-Eye BBQ Cameo Capri Sun Caramels Cheez Wiz
Chips Ahoy Claussen Cool Whip Corn Nuts Country Time
Crystal Light Deli Creations Easy Cheese Easy Mac Garden Harvest
General Foods Gevalia Ginger Snaps Good Seasons Grey Poupon
Honey Maid Jell-O Jet-Puffed Marshmallows Knox Gelatin Knudsen
Kool-Aid Lunchables Maxwell House Melt Downs Miracle Whip
Nabisco Newtons Nilla Wafers Nutter Butter Oreo
Oscar Mayer Peek Freans Philadelphia Cream Cheese Planters Nuts Polly-O
Premium Red Oval Farms Ritz Crackers Snackwell's Stove Top Stuffing
Sure-Jell Taco Bell Home Originals Teddy Grahams Toasted Chips Triscuit
Velveeta Wheat Thins Weatsworth Yuban Zwieback


Aero Alpo Bakers Complete Beneful Boost
Buitoni Butterfinger Cailer Carnation Cat Chow
Cerelac Chef Chef Michael's Canine Creations Chef Mate
Chocapic Cini Minis Coffee-Mate Cookie Crisp Crunch
DiGiorno Dog Chow Dreyers Estrelitas Extreme
Fancy Feast Felix Fitness Friskies Gerber
Gourmet (cat food) Häagen-Dazs Herta Hot Pockets Jenny Craig
Juicy Juice Kit Kat La Laitiere Lean Cuisine Maggi
Milo Minor's Movenpick Nescafé NaturNes
NesQuick Nestea Nestum Nutren Junior Orion
Peptamen Perrier Poland Spring PowerBar Purina
Resource S. Pellegrino Sjora Smarties Stouffer's
Thomy Toll House Tombstone (pizza) Wonka

Conagra Foods

Banquet Chef Boyardee David Seeds Egg Beaters Healthy Choice
Hebrew National Hunt's Kid Cuisine Marie Callender's Orville Redenbacher's
Pam Reddi-wip Slim Jim Wesson Act II
Libby's Manwich Andy Capp's Parkay Banquet Brown 'n Serve
Penrose Blue Bonnet Peter Pan Crunch 'n Munch Poppycock
Dennison's Ranch Style Fiddle Faddle Ro•Tel Fleischmann's
Rosarita Gulden's Swiss Miss Jiffy Pop Van Camp's
La Choy Wolf Brand Chili

General Mills

Betty Crocker Big G Cereals Bisquick Bugles Cascadian Farm
Cheerios Chex Cinnamon Toast Crunch Diablitos Underwood Fiber One
Food Should Taste Good Frescarini Fruit Snacks Gardetto's Gold Medal
Good Earth Green Giant Häagen-Dazs Hamburger Helper Jus-Rol
Kix Knack & Back La Salteña Lärabar Latina Cereal
Liberté Lucky Charms Macaroni Grill Monsters Mountain High
Muir Glen Nature Valley Old El Paso Pillsbury Progresso
Totino's/Jeno's Trix V. Pearl Wanchai Ferry Wheaties
Yoki Yoplait


Eggo Waffles Special K Cheez-It Pringles Keebler
Carr's Gardenburger Murray Austin Snack Foods Mother's Cookies
Morningstar Farms Worthington Famous Amos Town House Kashi

Smithfield Foods

Armour Basse's Choice Carando Cook's Ham Curly's Foods
Eckrich Farmland Gwaltney Healthy Ones John Morrell
Krakus Ham Kretschmar Deli Patrick Cudahy Paula Deen Collection Stefano's
The Peanut Shop of Williamsburg Premium Pet Health

Del Monte

Contadina College Inn S&W Kibbles 'n Bits Milk & Bone
Pup-Peroni Meaty Bone Milo's Kitchen Gravy Chain Canine Carry Outs
Jerky Treats Snausages Nature's Recipe 9lives Meow Mix
Pounce Alley Cat

Coca Cola

Aquapure Aquarius Bacardi Mixers Barq's Barrilitos
Beverly Bright and Early Worx Energy Cascal Chippewa
Citra Cumberland Gap Dannon Dasani Delaware Punch
Dr. Pepper Evian Fanta Five Alive Flavor Rage
Fresca Fruitopia Fuze Georgia (drinks) Glacéau smartwater
Glacéau vitaminwater Gold Peak H20K Hi-C Illy
Inca Kola Java Monster Juan Valdez Krest Lift
Master Chill Master Pour McCafe Mello Yello Mezzo Mix
Minute Maid Zico Northern Neck NOS Odwalla
Peace (drinks) Pepe Rico Pibb Powerade Red Flash
Simply Orange Smart (drinks) Sokenbicha Southern Sun Sprite
Sunfill TaB Vault Vegitabeta


Classico Lea & Perrins T.G.I. Fridays (retail goods) Smart Ones Ore Ida
Complan Master Golden Circle Watties Plasmon
Delimex Quality Chef Honig BiAglut Nurture (formula)


York Kit Kat Reese's Bliss Almond Joy
Twizzlers Mounds Pieces Whoppers The Whatchamacallit Bar
Skor Rolos The Heath Bar 5th Avenue Milk Duds
Mr. Goodbar Take 5 Dagoba Chocolate Breath Savers Bubble Yum
Ice Breakers Jolly Rancher PayDay Zagnut ZERO
CareFree Good & Plenty Really Nuts Snack Barz Sweet 'n Salty


Bolthouse Farms Pace Pepperidge Farm Prego Swanson
V8 Arnott's Bla Bland DevosLemmens Erasco
Lacroix Liebig Royco Touch of Taste

J.M. Smucker's

Smucker's Adams Peanut Butter Bicks Café Bustelo Crisco
Crosse & Blackwell Dickinson's Double Fruit Dunkin' Donuts Dutch Girl
Eagle Brand Folgers Golden Temple Hungry Jack Jif
Kava Knott's Berry Farm Laura Scudder's Magnolia Martha White
Mary Ellen Medeglia de Oro Millstone Natural Brew None Such
PET Pillsbury Pilon Recharge Red River
Robin Hood R.W. Knudsen Family Santa Cruz Organic Shirriff Uncrustables
White Lilly

Bimbo Bakeries

Arnold Ball Park (buns) Bimbo Boboli Brownberry
Earth Grains Entemann's Francisco Freihofer's Marinela
Mrs. Baird's Oroweat Tia Rosa Stroehmann Thomas' (breads)

Mars Food

Wrigley's Balisto Bounty Celebrations (candy) Cirku
CocoaVia Combos Dolmio Dove (soaps) Ebly
Ethel M Flavia Fling Flyte Galaxy
Kudos M-Azing M&M's Maltesers Marathon
Masterfoods Milky Way Minstrels Munch Promite
Revels Seeds of Change Snickers Topic Tracker
Twix Uncle Ben's 5 (gum) Airwaves Alpine
Altoids Big League Chew Big Red Bubble Tape Doublemint
Eclipse Excel (gum) Freedent Hubba Bubba Juicy Fruit
Lockets Orbit Ouch! Skittles Starburst
Surpass Tunes Winterfresh Aquarium Pharma. Buckeye Nutrition
Cesar Chappi Exelpet Frolic Good-o
Greenies Kit-e-Kat My Dog Nutro Products Pedigree
Optimum Pill Pockets Royal Canin Schmackos Seramis
Sheba Spillers Teasers Techi-Cal Treets
Whiskas Winergy


Búfalo Chi-Chi's Del Fuerte Di Lusso Deli Dinty Moore Stew
Doña María Don Miguel El Torito Embasa Farmer John Meat
Herb-Ox Bouillon Herdez House of Tsang Jennie-O Turkey La Victoria
Lloyds Barbeque MegaMex Not-So-Sloppy-Joe Peloponnese Greek Saaq's Sausages
SPAM Stagg Chili Valley Fresh Wholly Guacamole


Axe (cologne) Becel/Flora Ben & Jerry's Bertolli Blue Band
Brylcream Cif Clear Comfort Domestos
Dove Fissan Flora Heartbrand Hellmann's
Armora Knorr Lifebuoy Lipton Lux
Omo Pond's Radox Rama Rexona
Signal/Closeup Simple (detergent) St. Ives Sunlight Sunsilk
Surf Timotei Toni and Guy Tresemmé Vaseline

Sara Lee

Ball Park Hillshire Farm Jimmy Dean Douwe Egberts Senseo
State Fair

Pinnacle Foods

Aunt Jemima Bird's Eye Celeste Comstock-Wilderness C&W
Duncan Hines Hungry Man Husman's Lender's Lender's Fresh
Log Cabin Mrs. Butterworth's Mrs. Paul's Nalley Open Pit
Snyder of Berlin Tim's Cascade Snacks Van de Kamp's Vlasic

Dean Foods

Alta Dena Barbe's Barber's Berkeley Farms Broughton Foods
Brown's Dairy Country Fresh Creamland Dairy Ease Tuscan Dairy
Friendship Dairies Gandy's Garelick Farms Lehigh Valley Dairy Farms Louis Trauth
Mayfield Dairy McArthur Dairy Meadow Brook Dairy Meadow Gold Mountain High Yoghurt
Oak Farms Dairy Over The Moon Price's Creameries Purity Dairies Reiter Dairy
Robinson Dairy Skinny Cow Milk Swiss Tea T.G. Lee Dairy TruMoo


Ducros Margao Schwartz Silvo Simply Asia
SupHerb Farms Vahine Zatarain's

Abbott Nutrition

EAS EleCare Ensure Glucerna Jevity
Metabolic Nepro Optimental Osmolite Oxepa
Pedialyte PediaSure Perative Pivot Polycose
ProMod Promote Pulmocare Similac Suplena
Survanta TwoCal Vital ZonePerfect


Purina Nutrena LNB Provimi Sportsman's Choice
Prime Quality

Knouse Foods

Musselman's Lucky Leaf Apple Time Lincoln


SeaPak FarmRich French Meadow Bakery Byron's Casa Meatballs

Flower's Foods

Nature's Own Cobblestone Mill Sunbeam Bunny Captain John Derst's
TastyKake Mrs. Freshley's Blue Bird MiCasa Frestilla's
European Bakers

Sunny Delight

SunnyD Elations Bossa Nova Fruit2O Fruit Simple

McCain Foods

Anchor Babycakes Brew City Chef Sensations Farmer's Kitchen
Flavorlasts Fresh-Style Fries Golden Crisp Harvest Splendor Moore's
Ovations Redstone Canyon Smiles Sweet Classics


Formula 409 Green Works Pine-Sol S.O.S. Tilex
Ever Clean Fresh Step Glad Kingsford Scoop Away
Brita Burt's Bees Hidden Valley KC Masterpiece Ayudin
Chux Mistolin Poett


AsGrow Channel Dekalb Deltapine Fielder's Choice
Fortanelle Gold Country Seed Hubner Seed Jung Seed Genetics Kruger Seeds
Lewis Hybrids REA Hybrids Speciality (seeds) Stewart Stone Seed Group
Trelay Seeds WestBred Acceleron Corn States Genuity
Integrated Farming De Ruiter Seminis AquaMaster Bullet
Certainty Degree Xtra Harness Intrro Lariat
Micro Tech OutRider Round-Up RT 4 Triple Flex
Warrant Herbicide

Tree Top

Seneca NorthWest Naturals

Other Companies

Goya Sargento Ocean Spray Idahoan Foods Bumble Bee
Richelieu Morton Salt / K&S Dole Godiva Chocolates Bunge (feed)
Council for Biotechnology DOW Bayer Biotechnology Industry Organization BASF
Syngenta Dupont

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