Red Alert Logo A new bill has been introduced in California, titled SB-277, which would force people to vaccinate their children if they are to enter public or private schools. We would like to urge everyone to fight this measure. Of course, those in California are best able to attend protests and contact their representatives. The bill is a serious threat to religious freedom, medical freedom, and parental rights. In essence, our opponents are saying that even God has to answer to the California legislature. Moreover, education is considered a basic human right, and nobody should be able to take that away based upon medical history. Forced drugging is abhorrent to a free and civilized people, even if a medication works and is absolutely safe. This right is so fundamental that most doctors and nurses wholeheartedly agree with us on this topic.

The advocates of mandatory vaccines exploited a small outbreak of measles at Disneyland to incite fear, and encourage people to approve the bill under the guise of protecting vulnerable children. As soon as the first cases of measles from Disneyland were announced, the media coverage was extreme. This tells us that the big media event at Disneyland was probably staged, or in the very least, it was opportunistically exploited by the vaccine industry and its partners in the media. The news reports never mention if it is the vaccine strain of measles or the wild strain that infected those people. If it is the vaccine strain, then the outbreak was caused by the vaccinated. People who receive live virus vaccines have been documented to become contagious with that virus for weeks following the vaccine. They act as carriers. Furthermore, there have been no clear figures on how many of those infected were vaccinated, and how many were not. If some of those who got measles were vaccinated, as they apparently were, then vaccination is obviously not an appropriate response.

The irony of this situation is that proponents of the bill are using this anecdotal evidence of Disneyland to malign our freedom of choice, when the biggest argument against our freedom is that people like us use anecdotal evidence. In actuality, all of the evidence is on our side, like the fact that statistically, a person who is vaccinated for measles is more likely to catch it than someone who is unvaccinated, because most cases are caused by the vaccine itself. Some of you may not be aware that they actually use live viruses in the vaccines, and some of the vaccines even have mysterious viruses that aren't supposed to be there. None of this is anecdotal, by the way, it is all repeatedly verifiable.

If you are in California, we need you to go there in person, and get up in their faces. Let them know that this is wrong and intolerable, before this starts a chain reaction nationwide. Letters and phone calls help, but if at all possible, get up in their faces. E-mail and online forms are useless. They get ignored. So, if you are going to do something, then really do something. We are stuck on the east coast, so we cannot get over there, and they would not listen to us if we did. We, and the rest of the country, are counting on our California audience.

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