Quick Tip: How To Eliminate A Sore Throat

Whether people are suffering with the common cold or bronchitis, a sore throat is often one of the first symptoms. There are very few useful pharmaceutical options, so even doctors frequently recommend home remedies. We have found a cure for some cases of sore throat. It can dramatically reduce pain in a matter of minutes.

Mix one teaspoon of powdered cayenne pepper with one teaspoon of sea salt, in an 8 ounce glass. Fill with water and mix well. Gargle with this formula, and then refrigerate it. You should re-use it whenever the throat becomes painful again. It does not need to be warmed. It will break-up the bacterial coating in the throat, so expect to be profusely spitting for a few minutes afterward. Discard it after a day, and remake it as necessary.

Quick Tip: How To Remedy Food Poisoning

Those who eat at restaurants on a regular basis are certain to occasionally experience food poisoning. The symptoms can appear within three to four hours. They include diarrhea, vomiting, headaches, and fever. The symptoms can be violently extreme. An individual will typically suffer with food poisoning for 24 to 36 grueling hours. Most of the so-called "stomach bugs" are actually minor cases of food poisoning, but they are rarely recognized as such. Food poisoning is a much more common problem than most people realize.

Staphylococcus aureus is a very common food poisoning bacteria. It is killed by normal cooking, but it is frequently found in hand-made products that are left at room temperature for a long time, such as potato salad or sandwich spread. Salmonella is the most infamous food poisoning agent, but it is easily destroyed in temperatures above 150 degrees Fahrenheit. The presence of listeria in meats has resulted in a large number of meat recalls. It breeds in the unhygienic conditions of factory farms. It causes flu-like symptoms, and it has the unusual trait of becoming contagious in an infected individual. It can be deadly to children and people who have weakened immune systems. Botulism toxins are caused by the clostridium botulinum bacteria. Botulism poisoning is rare. It is only responsible for 1 in 400 cases of food poisoning, but it is more likely to result in death. Cl. botulinum can exist as a heat-resistant spore, and may grow to produce a neurotoxin in under-cooked, home-canned foods. Incredibly, botulinum poison therapy ("Botox") is an approved medical therapy, which is used to temporarily hide wrinkles through its central nervous system toxicant effect, which paralyzes patients' faces like venomous snake bites. Without surprise, it is widely being tested as a treatment for neurological disorders too.

Why Pets Are Good For You

Pets have been given a bad reputation in recent years, especially in connection with health. Furry friends have been demonized for causing asthma and breathing difficulties, whilst reptiles were labeled as unsanitary. However, studies repeatedly show that the benefits of pets often outweigh the risks. It is similar to the manner in which plants have been recommended against, due to the pollen that they produce. Plants have health benefits of their own, both by cleaning the air, and by reducing stress. Here are some of the ways that pets may improve our health.

Making Meat Toxic with Industrial Additives

The many benefits of eating meat are negated when its nutritional value has been corrupted by the chemical industry. Contrary to what is being widely taught, natural beef is not unhealthy, nor is it full of fat. However, when cows are factory-farmed in concrete sheds, in the most repulsive conditions, and they are barely kept alive with pharmaceuticals; then the resultant meat is fatty and unhealthy.

The fat content of beef sold in regular U.S. retailers is 4 to 5 times higher than beef that was sold during the 1950's. It was common for U.S. beef in the 1950's to have as little as 2% fat, but now the fat content is so high in factory-farmed beef that the U.S.D.A. allows ground beef to be up to 30% fat and 15% pink sludge (described later). That means that ground beef in the U.S. is sometimes only 55% real meat.

A Letter from the Editor: The Nuggets We Get

Thomas CorriherUnlike most of our articles, this one is expected to be updated regularly.  Let me tell you something about web sites which applies particularly to sites specializing in health information, and allow me to preface this with a few notes about the topics of 'astroturfing' and 'sock puppets'.  Let's start with the more familiar phrase, namely, sock puppets.  We all know the literal meaning of sock puppets, I'm sure.  As kids, most of us glued fake eyes, and perhaps a mouth, onto a sock for a cheap, homemade puppet.  A somewhat different type of sock puppet exists on the Internet.  It is a phrase used to describe professional marketers and web company employees who deceitfully impersonate random or anonymous 3rd parties in various comment and forum posts.  They call it marketing, but we call it deceitful manipulation.  Sometimes this behavior is called astroturf because it is intended to create a false appearance of grass roots support, or feign public disfavor toward something.  It is used to market or to discredit; but either way, it is patently immoral and despicable.  It's also quite normal.  We see it all the time.  We have spent enough time researching Internet abuse, and reading from other sites to know that it is a pandemic.  Apparently, a large portion of the Internet population, including the owners of some of the most prestigious sites believe that open deception is tolerable on the Internet, and that they need not worry about accountability.  It's beyond sad.

Why You Should Avoid All HONcode Certified Websites

Beware Of This Image

Increasingly, we have noticed the use of this image (right) on health sites, so we investigated its merits.  HONcode (Health on the Net) certification has a list of "principles" that sites must supposedly adhere to, if they wish to bear this logo.

The first principle is that authors must be qualified medical professionals, because 'unqualified' people should be clearly identified as such.  The purpose is to diminish the credibility of anyone who is not licensed by the medical hierarchy, and to publicly label all potential competitors as unqualified.

Licensed To Kill: Andrew Witty Stars In Pharmakeia Royale

The name's Witty: Andrew Witty, and he'll be having his martini shaken, not stirred.

GlaxoSmithKline has begun settling lawsuits, because their diabetes drug Avandia causes heart attacks.  This minor complication would be resolved in a criminal court if any of us mere mortals gave people drugs that killed, but GlaxoSmithKline has its license to kill.  They call it F.D.A. approval.  It's somewhat coincidental that their cancer drugs cause diabetes, and the diabetes drugs cause heart disease.  All of which supposedly require more of their expensive drugs.

The F.D.A. recommended that Avandia be removed from the market after it caused a "substantial excess number" of heart attacks and heart failures.  How many heart attacks are acceptable?  How many have to die before their deaths are counted as an excess?  How many deaths before their license to kill is revoked?

Reuters reported that Avandia is no longer a big product for GlaxoSmithKline, as the patent on the drug will run out in just two years.  It is convenient that the public is notified of the danger only as the patent expires.

The Codex Alimentarius Commission Meets Again To Determine Our Health Options

Shown above is the logo for the World Health Organization (closely tied with Codex).  It has it all.  It's got a united world in the targeted crosshairs of a sniper, and a serpent wrapped around a pagan wand of power.  This isn't accidental, and the symbolism is bluntly obvious for those who have studied the so-called "mystery religions" and secret societies.

Over the past week, the Codex Alimentarius Commission has discussed the labeling of genetically modified foods at a conference in Quebec, Canada.  They decreed that they would make a decision within the year.  The question is, what bearing does this have on the United States or Canada?

There should be no place in the civilized world for a product regulatory committee that is above public questioning and pressure, and whose representatives were never appointed by the people they supposedly represent.  America's Founding Fathers would be rolling in their graves if they knew that a superordinate agency had been created, which could flippantly bypass the decisions made by the American government or its people.

For now, rules which are produced by Codex Alimentarius are voluntary, but what sort of penalties will be in place for those who refuse the voluntary protocols?  The recommendations that are created by the Codex Commission have already quickly become law throughout most of Europe and Canada.  If you are wondering how Codex could possibly subvert the laws of apparently sovereign nations, then the answer lies with its connections to the World Trade Organization, which demands that nations comply with Codex policies, or they automatically default in all trade disputes.  This causes the penalized multinational corporations effected to encourage governments to be Codex-friendly.

The Claimer: The information provided herein is intended to be a truthful and corrective alternative to the advice that is provided by physicians and other medical professionals. It is intended to diagnose, treat, cure, and prevent disease.