Still looking for the cure? Perhaps they did not notice their own cancer-causing ingredients.

Our society makes it difficult to go through an entire day without hearing about someone's medical suffering.  I shall not contest the fact that millions of American's are suffering with diseases, routine sicknesses, and pharmaceutically-induced side effects.  However, it must be stated that virtually all of our illnesses are needless, and even self-inflicted.  We have been so brainwashed into believing that routine illnesses are normal that anyone disputing this dogma has become a politically incorrect fool.  This may seem harsh to some readers initially, but it is absolutely true.

Most people are negligent about their health most of the time, and utterly suckered by the establishment.  They eat genetically engineered, radioactive, and processed foods every day having little regard for the eventual consequences.  Sooner or later, they find themselves being chemically treated for relatively non-existent diseases, such as "high cholesterol", and such "conditions" eventually become heart disease to everyone's surprise, diabetes, and perhaps the random symptoms of fibromyalgia.  This cascading collapse of health is never blamed on the pharmaceuticals that were initially given, despite these problems being clearly cited in studies.

Instead, patients are interrogated about the dangerous alternatives that might compete with the drugs, as if data actually existed to support such hysteria.  The facts and the science must never be allowed to cause deviations from the business agenda of keeping us as perpetually addicted customers.  It is never mentioned that most pharmaceuticals directly, or indirectly act as immuno-suppressants, or that they cause varying degrees of malnutrition by impeding a body's ability to absorb nutrients.  These factors are, in large part, the real reasons why we are seeing so many epidemics of supposedly "incurable" chronic diseases.  You can be assured that it is not the herbs and vitamins.  Remember this as you funnel more money to these crooks by "walking for the cure".  Believe me, they do not really wish to find a cure.  That would mean finding real jobs, which might cause a callous on their baby-soft hands.

It reminds me of something Thomas told me about computer programming.  In the realm of professional programming, there is an old concept known as "FIFO".  The acronym "FIFO" represents "first in is first out", and means that data is handled in the same order that it was received, on a first-come, first-serve basis.  In time, as Microsoft software became more popular, some programmers began using the acronym "CICO" too.  This new one is short for "crap input equals crap output".  The implication is that if you fill a computer with garbage software and input bad data, then the finished result is garbage too.  This principle is exactly why only Microsoft software has viruses.  Their marketers have spent millions convincing us that computer viruses are normal.  They're not.  The Health Wyze Report uses Linux based software, so we are not using a CICO system.  We are immune to all computer viruses, and about 99% of the "hacker" attacks because of this.  In other words, our computers get sick about as often as we do.  You probably thought computer viruses were "normal", just like "routine" human viruses, right?

Diseases are not uncommon, and it is truly sad when people get to that stage without ever realizing the cause and effect relationships.  What is even worse is that many of the diseased people who surround us have moved past this stage, actually knowing the cause of their sicknesses, and yet they continue to contribute to their own diseases by searching for more chemical warfare based solutions to their problems.  It was the poisonings that got them into these situations in the first place.  These people obediently ignore alternative options.  They are advised by friends and family to eat a better diet, and incorporate exercise into their lifestyle, but they only provide excuses for why this cannot be accomplished.

A colleague of mine from Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth is the perfect example of this phenomena.  For the sake of his privacy, he will be renamed to 'Philip' for this article.  Philip has diabetes, and multiple other conditions that could easily be described as 'uncontrolled'.  He rarely attends our site meetings, because of his persistent hospital visits, which range from surgeries to new prescriptions for experimental FDA-approved medications.  Philip isn't getting any better, in case you didn't already guess.  When he does manage to attend meetings, he is asked about his health by concerned individuals.  On each occasion, it becomes blatantly obvious that despite all of the doctor visits and expensive new drugs, his conditions are forever tail-spinning.  We are still waiting for him to notice the pattern.  Faced with his dire situation, Philip nevertheless steadfastly refuses any alternative help.  I personally sent him information about curing diabetes, along with an offer to speak with him about his other health problems, to no avail.  Others who care deeply for him have tried to encourage drug-free options, such as diet and exercise.  He claims that his condition is too severe for this to work, and he knows that this is the case because his doctor has told him that diabetes is irreversible.

As a child, I always pondered why the Jewish, disabled, and gypsies who were held in concentration camps had willingly walked to their own executions; seemingly without fighting.  Footage from the period shows people being shot into graves that they had dug for themselves.  I can think of no better analogy for the current health care system.  People who enter the system rarely turn back until it is already too late for anyone to really help them.  They are frequently missing multiple organs by the time that they turn to alternative medicine for help.  Of course, the quick demise of these people is then blamed on their alternative treatments, instead of the treatments that had already placed them with one foot inside the grave.  We have seen this pattern with almost every case whereby a death was blamed on "alternative medicine".

In the case of those held at NAZI concentration camps, the fluoride experiments that first began at these places was one reason for the pacifism, particularly when it was combined with several years of living in harsh conditions with sparse food.  The fluoride and chemical-numbing of our present society is partially the reason for our modern day complicity, but there are more reasons behind our madness.

Being a diabetic or cancer patient is so common that it has almost become popular.  The phrase, "are you type 1 or type 2" is bound to become a popular pick-up line in bars.  Sympathy pours in from all directions.  There are hundreds of groups that exist to funnel more money into "helping find the cure" (into the same chemical industry that caused it).  We can take walks with other sufferers, and we feel relieved to be finally unburdened of our personal responsibility.  Being diseased is like joining a club that everybody recognizes, and you will be given special treatment by all who are aware of your membership.  It is a position of privilege, and thus being healthy is not always desired.  It gives people a reason to stay sick, and to revel in their disabilities, in exactly the same way that A.D.D. is being used as a V.I.P. pass in the public schools.  Disease has been mainstreamed.  It's cool.  These days, a large portion of the walking-dying do not actually want to recover from their conditions.

I became most aware of this phenomenon when I read comments on an article about cancer treatments.  People anonymously admitted that being cured of cancer is emotionally difficult for them; not because of legitimate health considerations, but because their peers respond to them differently.  They will no longer be victims who deserve to be showered with constant sympathy, but people who are expected to move on with their lives.  They have become semi-dependent on the attention that is provided to them by the collective society.

In a similar vein, taking an alternative treatment option means stepping away from a supportive herd, who will remain perpetually sick.  It sometimes means stepping into an unknown area, and this seems frightening, even when it is more logical.  After all, the failure rates of modern medicine surround us, and it is the reason why we are still walking for the cure, and buying pink Tic Tacs.  Seeking alternative options would seem to be human nature, and we would expect to find it incorporated into the survival instinct.  However, society actually discourages recovery through its treatment of sufferers.  When we provide limitless sympathy to those who are perpetually sick by choice, then we remove their incentive to get well.  We would be helping those people much more by providing them encouragement to take responsibility for their health, and avoiding the temptation to provide sympathy.

Obese people and smokers who suffer from disease are frowned upon by society, because it has become politically correct to blame these people for their conditions.  Ironically, their diseases are just as often not their fault, but that is a lengthy topic for another time.  The reaction by society against these groups seems harsh, so we ponder why this same attitude is not directed onto those with other conditions, such as cancer and heart disease.  The mainstream media is not willing to report the studies which prove that exercise and improved diet remedy all of the conditions that plague our modern society.  The highest paying sponsors for most media sources are the pharmaceutical companies, followed by junk food companies.  This hinders their ability to engage in honest journalism, because money is vital for their survival.  Thus, they avoid topics which would cause them to have reduced incomes.  Take for example how the media's tobacco pile-on happened just after it became illegal for the tobacco companies to pay them for advertising.  It was as if the mafia don's had to exert pay-back because they were no longer getting their protection money.  Take as another example, how many times have we heard, "when diet and exercise fail..."?  Just look at what they managed to plant into our unconscious psyches!  A good diet and moderate exercise are always enough.

Encouraging people to become self-reliant is bad for the pharmaceutical, medical, insurance, and processed foods industries.  Let's face it people: they practically own us.  They control everything we see and hear in the Big Media.  Thus, dependence upon the disease and sickness industry is tacitly integrated into society by the media, who treats its victims with mocking pity and privilege, instead of motivating them to take responsibility for themselves, eat well, and regain control of their lives.  It's time that those who are on the medical treadmill stopped listening to others who are sick.  Should you be getting your health advice from a sick person?  Seriously: isn't that patently stupid?  Would you hire a carpenter whose own house was condemned?  It's like getting computer security advice from a Microsoft employee, who thinks that a 'hack' is a slicing movement with a sword.

In reality, groups of cancer victims meeting together is actually a bad thing, because none of them have been truly cured.  Instead, they encourage each other to continue with treatments that they would have otherwise reconsidered, due to their unnecessary suffering, and their inherent survival instincts.  In fact, this is why hospitals form and encourage such groups.  It's incredibly sick on so many levels.  Recovery does not come from group meetings, pink Tic Tacs, or sympathy baskets.  It comes with personal responsibility; because the willingness to achieve optimal health is the duty of every human being: to themselves, and to their loved ones.


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