A reader recently contacted us, requesting that we watch two videos and provide our opinions about them. The issue is too complex for us to simply agree or disagree, so we're going to tackle the issues presented in the video, one at a time.


First of all, it is obvious that English is not Tullio Simoncini's primary language, so he may not be making his points as well as he would like to. There are several points in the video where we had to guess what he meant, due to language issues.

We agree on the basic premise that cancer is very much like a fungus. Cancer cells obtain their energy from a sugar fermentation process just like yeasts do, and cancer is aided by the presence of yeasts in the body. This was proven by Dr. Otto Warburg in 1931. He won a Nobel Prize for it; which is something to note before dismissing any of this. After all, when Dr. Warburg won the Nobel Prize, it still meant something.

Dr. Simoncini appears to have confused the cause and effect relationships of cancer. This is how it usually happens.  After an individual has had a poor diet for a number of years, oxygen deprivation occurs in the cells, and the body becomes acidic. Blood which is acidic cannot transport oxygen well, or absorb it effectively. It is normal for blood to have a 90% oxygen saturation, but it is frequently measured at 50% in cancer patients. They usually can measure their body fluids as having a pH of 5, or even lower. These factors create a perfect environment for cancer cells to thrive, and for the immune system to be completely overwhelmed by them. Again, there is no speculation to any of this, for these things are proven and verifiable facts (remember the Nobel Prize).

Cancer exists in every person, and a healthy body constantly eliminates it without any difficulty. When people have an acidic body pH and oxygen starvation, cancer becomes uncontrolled, and it begins to build-up in specific regions of the body. Did you ever wonder why no person has ever had cancers of the heart? The heart is located where the blood is mixed with oxygen, so there is too much oxygen-rich alkaline blood for cancers to survive inside it.

The well-intentioned Dr. Simoncini has the relationship backwards, because he believes that cancers cause acidic body pH, when the reverse is true. This is likely due to his background in orthodox medicine, whereby the symptoms are always treated as being the root disease; instead of holistically tracing back the long chain of true cause and effect relationships. It is saddening that he was unable to completely break free from this self-defeating mentality, but 20 years of institutional brainwashing is not easily undone.

His treatment approach of injecting sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) near tumor sites is fascinating. It would theoretically effectively eliminate the tumors, but there are safer cures which actually deal with the cause of cancers. He misses the cause and effect thing again, by confusing another symptom (tumors) with the disease (acidosis that led to massive cancer cell reproduction). Constantly treating only the specific areas where aggravating problems have arisen is not a viable, long-term option, and it will ensure that the tumors return: just as is the case with orthodox medicine.

Nevertheless, this treatment may be an additional option used to alleviate the suffering of people who are seeking alternative cures, which may be safely used in conjunction with actual long-term cures, such as the Budwig Diet. It is important to remind our readers that ingesting baking soda will not have the same effect as the injections provided by Dr. Simoncini. Instead, ingesting it will cause one to have an alkaline stomach (resulting in digestion problems), and an overall acidic body pH. Oral usage of the soda will actually make the problems much worse.

The doctor should be commended for being able to think outside of the medical establishment's box, at least partially. The extreme pressure placed upon him by his peers in oncology must be extreme, and it takes great courage for him to think and act so independently. He is a heroic example for thousands of physicians around the world who currently refuse to disobey.


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