Obama Youth Corps


While we normally focus on health issues, this story is too important to ignore.  For several months, there have been rumors pertaining to an 'Obama youth corps', which is a division of the 'civilian national security force' that Obama discussed during his election compaign.  Now, a We Are Change group seems have uncovered such a group, wearing police emblems.  Aged between 14 and 19, the youths first admitted to an affiliation with the police, and later denied it.  It is believed that recruitment for such groups is being done in the Explorer Scouts and the Girl Scouts.  The group holds several similarities with the Hitler Youth, including the 'green shirts' standing in the rear.  We strongly encourage you to watch the short video.

Al Gore Sued By 30,000 Scientists For Global Warming Fraud


Environmentalism has been politically linked to alternative medicine for many years, due to the unfortunate pervasive presence of the paganistic religions.  It is truly a tragic situation that has impeded alternative medicine in the U.S. perhaps as much as any other factor.

At The Health Wyze Report, we believe that reducing human harm to the planet is a reasonable goal, so long as it is not given precedence over the rights and livelihoods of people.  Increasingly, environmentalists and politicians have exploited the shoddy global warming hypothesis as a method to take away the rights of the people in a draconian manner, and to tax all of us exorbitantly.

The 'Federal' Reserve, North American Union, the Depression is Intentional, and Why We Are Owned By China


Citizens Against Government Waste is a group of citizens who are concerned about our fiscal responsibilities as a nation, and spending policies that are hellbent on our self destruction.  They created a commercial for the national television networks, with the aim of getting Americans to reevaluate our current financial crisis.

Back in 1986, the same group distributed another advertisement with a similar aim.  Although the national debt was at a comparatively meager $2 trillion.  The original advertisement was banned by the major networks.  Today, the debt stands at $17 trillion, and FOX, CNN and CNBC plan to air the group's new advertisement.  It is expected to be transmitted throughout the rest of 2010 and 2011.  The History Channel, A&E, and ABC have shamelessly refused to accept it, and a History Channel representative publicly stated that the advertisement, which suggests that we save ourselves from being controlled by China, is "too controversial".  There is something particularly ironic about the History Channel being unwilling to air the advertisement, when it pretends to be the unbiased source of historic education.  Instead, it has repeatedly rewritten history for propaganda, and it routinely uses celebrities to reinforce messages of compliance toward illegitimate state powers, and the anti-American global agenda of the New World Order.  The man who did more to destroy the United States than any other man in history, namely President Lincoln, is a hero to be worshiped, according to the History Channel; so it is clear what kind of people are at the top.  Other networks engaging in censoring the advertisement have not commented.  This is probably the first time that we have ever been able to commend the FOX network for courage, integrity, and good citizenship.

Tales From The Big House: What A Prison Sentence Really Means


This article was first published in the Idaho Observer.  Reprinted with permission from Randal Steen.

Randal R. Steen, 48, was a union journeyman millwright by trade.  He is the father of four children and four grandchildren.  He was sentenced to 15 years in prison for a non-violent drug offense.  The greatest tragedy of Steen's story is that he did not actually sell, use, or produce illegal drugs.   He went to prison for refusing to cooperate with the prosecution of his son.  Steen was a father willing to sacrifice himself to save his son, who was the guilty party.  Prosecutors were all-to-willing to charge Steen, since high conviction numbers are their priority, and because appearing to fight 'The War on Drugs' is great fodder for political campaigns.  Justice is not a part of the judicial equation in such cases, and 'The War on Drugs' is too often used to mask a war against the Bill of Rights.  For example, the search warrant which supposedly granted the police permission to begin their search was issued 2 days after his arrest, and we'll let that speak for itself.  The fact that both a judge, and a jury, were apparently okay with all of this sadly testifies about what has befallen our liberties and the inheritance of the Founding Fathers.

When I was sent to prison, the judge mentioned just the length of my sentence.  Had he included the entire scope of my punishment, he may have said it differently:

"Mr. Steen, I sentence you to take responsibility for every social ill -- past, present and future.  Each time America runs out of foreign enemies, it apparently turns on itself to find more.  By way of media, politics and indifference, people who break the law, good law or bad, become those enemies and are then responsible for every social malady.  Whether this is logical, you are the culprit.

A Sick Twist: Obama's Genocidal Czar, and Eugenics Through Health Care Reform


"Indeed, it has been concluded that compulsory population-control laws, even including laws requiring compulsory abortion, could be sustained under the existing Constitution if the population crisis became sufficiently severe to endanger the society." [1]

The quote above is from the book Ecoscience published in 1977.  In this book is detailed a plan for a "planetary regime" that would regulate the global population.  According to the authors, this regime would be empowered to create specific "compulsory population-control laws" in order to accomplish this aim.

Fingerprinting Kids, Biometrics, and Secretly Building The Government's D.N.A. Database


Checking the mail today revealed the monthly magazine, Carolina Country, which is distributed by our power company, Energy United, throughout Davie County, North Carolina.  Before you continue to read the rest of this article, inspect the scanned image of the back cover (left) to see if you find something discomforting.  Clicking upon the graphic will enlarge it.

If you do not feel troubled by anything from that advertisement, you can be assured that it is because the media has trained you to feel comfortable with the invasion of your privacy.  People are especially willing to tolerate the violation of their rights whenever there is a perceived benefit of greater safety.  These people often fly under our collective radars by pretending that we must capitulate for the sake of "the children".  That last ploy is their overall favorite, by the way.

When Liberals and Conservatives are Two Sides of the Same Oppressive Coin


Protect Us From Our Friends

For many people I know -- especially many young people, Native Americans, and others alienated from American dominant culture -- the difference between liberals and conservatives is only in the technique used to coerce conformity and gain control.

My friend Roland Chrisjohn is a psychologist and a professor in the Native Studies Department at St. Thomas University, and he is also an Oneida of the Iroquois Nation. Roland says, "Protect me from my friends".  While his enemies on the right murdered indigenous Americans to steal their land, Indians' so-called liberal "friends" forced assimilation through boarding schools that prohibited the use of tribal languages and customs, which made them easier to divide and conquer, and then "legally" rip them off. While the right favored massacres, the liberals preferred "curing" indigenous Americans and came up with sayings like, "Kill the Indian to save the child."

Only In England: Encouraging Children To Have Sex At Least Once A Day


All of us need some humor periodically, and it can often come from the advice of the medical establishment.  The National Health Service (N.H.S.) of Britain is telling school students that an orgasm a day will keep the doctor away through its official "Pleasure" leaflets, which they have been distributing throughout the schools.  Supposedly, this advice will help teenagers to reduce heart attacks (as if they were common among youth), ignoring the fact that 40,000 teenagers become pregnant each year in the U.K.  This is the highest rate for Western Europe, and more than half of the pregnancies result in abortions.

The N.H.S. is proclaiming that children have the "right" to a great sex life.  According to them, teenagers supposedly have a basic human right to promiscuously enjoy unimpeded sex.  This news came just after "it emerged that teenagers who took part in a £6 million [$12 million] government initiative to reduce teenage pregnancies were more than twice as likely to fall pregnant as other girls", according to reporter, Daniel Martin.  It seems that the British health advisers get a thrill from encouraging children to have sex.  If this were really an attempt at reducing heart attacks, then any type of exercise would be equally helpful.

The N.H.S. Foretelling The Bleak Future of America's Socialized Health Care


To write that there are problems with the American health care system (symptom management system) is to commit an understatement of gigantic proportions. As a result of frustrations with both incompetence within the system, and the system's strong tendency to bankrupt its own customers, there have been groups of U.S. citizens who have been demanding a nationalized health care system for several years. It says something about the current dismal state that so many U.S. citizens tend to believe that their government would almost certainly do a better job. In many cases, socialized medicine proponents have heralded the British system as an ideal for the U.S. to follow. They have boasted that everyone in the U.K. has access to medical care, regardless of income.

An economic disaster has struck the United Kingdom, similar to the one in the U.S. One quarter of working-age Britons are unemployed, and those having part-time jobs has risen 40 percent. One of Britain's first governmental institutions to experience the effects of the country's economic tailspin has been its glorified national system of medicine. The Telegraph has just reported that the British Government is now making health decisions for people, without their consent, in order to halt what it considers to be unnecessary health care expenses. The British Government is suddenly deciding which medical treatments are necessary, and cutting its losses. The British people shall continue paying the same exorbitant amounts in taxes, but for a lower standard of care now, and sometimes to have that care entirely refused against their wishes and wellbeing. The senior citizens are expendable, after all. Right?

A True Story of An Abortion Without The Usual Lies


Editor's Note: We have done some soul searching concerning how hard this article will impact our readers. We know that this detailed account of events will be painful for many of them. This was the first article that ever made us flinch. In the end, we decided to run this story submission, because it tells the whole truth in a way that is rarely (if ever) expressed; about an important topic that is normally shrouded in secrecy, lies, and political manipulation games. This time, we tried to minimize our editing, as to leave everything fairly intact, and without undue influence from us. We are resisting the temptation to comment about this topic; so that this writing may speak for itself.

The Problems Of Modern Education: How Conformity Leads To Failure


"You can't make socialists out of individualists.  Children who know how to think for themselves spoil the harmony of the collective society which is coming, where everyone is interdependent."

--  John Dewey, Father of Modern Education

The generation that schools like Eckington have mass produced.
(Image from the movie, "I, Robot")

Yesterday I spent some time looking at the people on Facebook who had been to the same school as me.  I was noticing some very disturbing patterns, and I am sure that they will be of value to the readers of this blog if they can apply them to their own situations.  Eckington School was different from most in the area.  The local community believed that you would get a better education if you went there, as it was deemed a "specialist engineering college".

In truth, that meant little more than the fact that the school got over a million pounds extra from the government each year.  The educational plan was little different from other schools, but rules were enforced more vigorously, and many of them were unnecessary.  These were about power, not education.  As a result, two classes of people were formed: the conformists, and the rebels. There was no middle ground.

Parole Boards Requiring That Parolees Take Violence-Inducing, Mind-Altering Pharmaceuticals


We have received a copy of a letter from an outraged inmate who will be forced to consume psychotropic drugs upon his release from prison.  This letter came from the Pennsylvania Parole Board, who told this man that he must accept mind-altering S.S.R.I. drugs as a condition of his release.  The dangers of these drugs are well-known in prison, because a large portion of prisoners are placed on them during their incarcerations.  These drugs are intended to keep prisoners obedient via chemical straight jackets, for the convenience of prison guards.  However, these psychogenic drugs also cause some inmates to experience hallucinations, lose control, and become brutally violent.  (Russian roulette, anyone?)  Occasionally, an inmate's outburst will be recognized as a psychotropic drug reaction, but random acts of violence are not usually blamed on the drugs, despite what is known about them.

"You shall take psychotropic medication if prescribed by your doctor."

In better times, this policy would have clearly constituted a cruel and unusual punishment; because forcing someone to take drugs which have a high likelihood of leading to violence or otherwise losing one's judgment is nothing short of evil.  There is a great cruel irony in the forced drugging of convicts, who were imprisoned either because of the so-called "War on Drugs", or because drugs made them do things that got them into trouble.

A Few Things You Should Know About The Coming Communistic New World Order


U.S. History Test Time

Question: Which branch of the U.S. Government is the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank a division of, and to whom is the Federal Reserve Bank accountable to?

Answer: The U.S. Federal Reserve Bank is not a part of the U.S. Government.  It is a privately owned bank, with strong international influences.  It is accountable to no U.S. regulators, and is, as its chairman once stated, "above the law".  Its building is treated as a foreign embassy.

Question: Which amendment to the U.S. Constitution requires that taxes be paid for income?

Answer: There is no amendment to the U.S. Constitution requiring the payment of income taxes, and in fact, the U.S. Constitution makes taxation upon income an illegal activity.  The sixteenth (I.R.S.) amendment was never ratified by the states.  Only four states ratified the sixteenth amendment, which prevented it from becoming law.

Abandon All Hope, All Ye Who Enter Here - Children Sentenced To Die In Prison


Those who have been reading this site for an extended period of time will know my views on the sentencing of young offenders. I am going to reiterate that here, because there is a new bill which has entered the U.S. House of Representatives which would provide second chances to children who were sentenced with "life without parole" (meaning no possibility of eventual release -- ever), or a regular "life sentence", which is about 20 years. H.R. 2289, Juvenile Justice Accountability and Improvement Act of 2009 would provide hope to the many young people who currently have none.

Christopher Pittman:
Sentenced To 30 Years

It is believed that there are over 2,500 youth offenders serving a "life without parole" sentence in the United States today. This is not imposed on children anywhere else in the world, except here in the United States; where the Bill of Rights is supposed to forbid all "cruel and unusual punishments".

The Supreme Court previously recognized (Roper vs. Simmons) that there are "known differences" between the maturity and understanding of youths over adults; and because youths have much greater chances of corrigibility, the United States would not allow the execution of children. All the same, are there really huge differences between locking a child away until death, and executing him? Imagine kneeling down to a 12-year-old and telling him that he is never going to get out of prison, or that he might get that chance in 30 years, like in the case of Christopher Pittman. Let's be honest: if they release Chris at the age of 42 after having been sentenced at age 12, then he will have absolutely no chance of surviving as a free man once he is released. His life will be completely thrown away. In these cases, a judge abominably acted to unleash the harshest of vengeance against a child, whereby true justice and rehabilitation were never considered.

Another Tragic Example Of The Removal Of U.S. Constitutional Rights - It Happened Even Here In North Carolina

Ashton Lundeby (age 16)

On September 17, 1787, the Constitution of the United States of America was signed and agreed upon. Therein, laid the Bill of Rights, believed by America's Founding Fathers to be the inalienable human rights granted by God for men to be free from tyrannical governments that would endeavor to destroy their spirits. Two hundred and fourteen years later, The Patriot Act was signed into law by George W. Bush on October 26, 2001. It was just over a month past the tragic events at the World Trade Center, and the people of America had been leaning on the government to protect them from another attack. Their trust was betrayed on so many levels.

Drugs and Guns: Cultural Differences Between The U.S. and The U.K.


I think that I stand in a quite privileged position, with my extended knowledge of both American and British cultures.  As a result of my experiences, my opinions have changed significantly in areas which were previously defined by mainstream news stories.  I think it would benefit both the English and American readers for me to discuss those differences here.

Crime and Gun Control

I think the best example would be gun control.  I grew up being taught about the dangers of guns, and eventually that changed to include knives.  I held the misguided belief that eliminating guns would also eliminate crime.  I was young, and very naive.

Sarah C. Corriher -- Being Americanized

When I became actively involved with the British National Party, I began considering the rights of the people to defend their homes and families from violent attackers.  This came as a result of learning about the infamous Tony Martin case.  For the American readers, Tony Martin was a farmer who shot two thieves while they were robbing his home.  This was after the police had willfully refused to take any action against them during, and after, previous robberies.  One of these repeat criminals died from a bullet wound that was inflicted as he ran through Tony's house in the dark.  Tony was charged with murder, and for illegally owning a firearm for self-defense.  This tragic case taught me about the necessity of being able to defend one's land, however I still considered carrying arms on a person to be both unnecessary and potentially dangerous.

The Health Care Bill, How the System Really Works, and the Unfree Market


We have a friend who regularly blames the free market for the state of health care, and he believes that it should be regulated by government to suppress the corruptive greed factor that has made the system the way it is. He is partially right. Greed is at the heart of the problems, but we have to part ways regarding the solution. Funneling even more of our scarce money to the most corrupt members of our society by force of law is hardly going to quell their unethical behaviors or greed. It will only embolden them to pillage us worse. What has happened, and will happen with the new health care bill is a testament to the fact that we really ought to be careful what we wish for.

Why I Will Not Be Voting: My Vote of No Confidence


I turned eighteen in October, so 2009 will be the first year that I will be given the chance to vote. As a British citizen living abroad, I could vote by mail; and supposedly, my opinion would matter. All the same, I feel obliged to point out why I will not be voting, for I can remember just how frustrating people like me were, from when I was involved in politics.

While my passport may still read "British Citizen", I do not live there, contribute to its economy, pay its taxes, nor hold any loyalty to the Queen, and I am unaffected by virtually every decision that is made by the British government, or the local councils. Ironically, I was paying taxes when I turned 16, even though I was not old enough to vote against them. I would not consider it unfair if any other Brit were to tell me that I have no right to vote. It is indeed no longer my right, regardless of what is written into law.

An Explanation of Why We Are Home Schooling


Over the years, there has been a lot of doubt surrounding homeschooling, and whether it is a viable alternative to the public schools. Zachary's peers, (seven-year-old first graders) in the Davie County School System at Cornatzer Elementary School, watch cartoons on Smart Boards during school, but Zachary read the following paragraph aloud during his study session night. For legal reasons, we do not comment on how little time we really need to spend studying in order to surpass the public schools, but most readers would be shocked to know how little effort is needed. Do you know any public schooled first graders who could read this?

Why Vote?


In the United States, we are one day away from an election that we believe could change the country. However, I am still left thinking 'why vote?'. My time in the BNP caused me to become enraged at people who would ask this same question. Back then, I believed that the votes of the people mattered, due to the democracy that we lived in. I am not as naive as I was then. In this country (U.S.A.), it is the votes of the Electoral College that actually count. The votes of citizens do not. In that respect, Britain is more free. All the same, the votes are terribly controlled in Britain too. I remember being at the count and seeing voting cards which were marked with two different parties, which were in opposition. (The British do not vote by candidate, but by party). Boxes arrived during the last ten minutes which voted solely for the Labor Party. Those boxes contained no non-Labor votes, and they changed the results of that election.