What They Are Hiding About Daniel Hauser's Forced Chemotherapy To Malign Alternative Medicine

Doctor, first do harm, for medicine is more profitable that way.

Judge John R. Rodenberg of the Daniel Hauser Chemotherapy Case in Brown County Minnesota Judge John R. Rodenberg

Daniel Hauser is the 13-year-old who Judge John Rodenberg of Brown County, Minnesota, ruled must undergo chemotherapy against both his and his parents' will.  We recently covered this story in the audio version of The Health Wyze Report.

We noted that one of the riskiest things a parent can do nowadays with a seriously sick child is take him to an allopathic doctor (M.D.); because once you do, you are under his jurisdiction.  The rule is that you and your child will obey the doctor, or the doctor may have the courts and child protective services destroy your family to stop your "medical neglect".  With these child removals, there is more a spirit of revenge than of altruistic love for the child by authorities -- revenge for the parents' defiance.  Children should never be pawns in the game of encroaching total State power.  The media usually plays its role in such cases by demonizing defiant parents as fringe "religious fanatics" -- read "Christians".

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The Codex Alimentarius Commission Meets Again To Determine Our Health Options

Above is W.H.O. logo. It has a united world in the targeted crosshairs of a sniper, and a serpent wrapped around a pagan wand of power.

Over the past week, the Codex Alimentarius Commission has discussed the labeling of genetically modified foods at a conference in Quebec, Canada. They decreed that they would make a decision within the year. The question is, what bearing does this have on the United States or Canada?

There should be no place in the civilized world for a product regulatory committee that is above public questioning and pressure, and whose representatives were never appointed by the people they supposedly represent. America's Founding Fathers would be rolling in their graves if they knew that a superordinate agency had been created, which could flippantly bypass the decisions made by the American government or its people.

For now, rules which are produced by Codex Alimentarius are voluntary, but what sort of penalties will be in place for those who refuse the voluntary protocols?  The recommendations that are created by the Codex Commission have already quickly become law throughout most of Europe and Canada. If you are wondering how Codex could possibly subvert the laws of apparently sovereign nations, then the answer lies with its connections to the World Trade Organization, which demands that nations comply with Codex policies, or they automatically default in all trade disputes. This causes the penalized multinational corporations effected to encourage governments to be Codex-friendly.

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The Bomb Shell Truth About Canola Oil

Back in the 1960's, the food industry was in search of an oil that could be produced cheaply, but marketed toward health-conscious consumers. While olive oil was preferred amongst those who cared about their health, it was never easy or cheap to mass produce. As a result, the food industry began selling rapeseed oil as a supposedly healthy substitute. Serious problems were later discovered with the erucic acid in rapeseed, like the fact that it caused degenerative lesions in the heart muscles. It should not have been surprising to the producers, since rapeseed is so naturally poisonous that insects avoid it. Food companies decided to sell it anyway, even after realizing the serious liability risk.

Starting in 1964, the food industry joined forces with the chemical and nuclear industries to begin work in reducing rapeseed's poisonous erucic acid content, in the hope of producing a less toxic version of rapeseed oil. It had been banned in the U.S. in 1956. It would take the industry over a decade and enormous amounts of genetic engineering to get rapeseed oil back into the U.S. market. The resultant plant from the genetic modifications was originally called L.E.A.R. (low erucic acid rapeseed) and it is sometimes still called that within the food industry. It has been widely renamed to "canola" for marketing reasons, because no company wanted to market a cooking oil that had been officially banned for causing permanent heart damage, and having "rape" in the product name was considered a liability too.

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The Little Known Connection Between Extracted Teeth and Memory Loss

It is important to remember history, like the truth behind the 'Drug War', who is really responsible, and what the licensed drug industry's help-to-harm ratio has been.

There was a time when the great majority of children had their tonsils removed, in the name of disease prevention. The medical establishment maintained that the tonsils had no purpose, and that they should therefore be removed to prevent future health problems. Then the polio epidemic occurred, and only those who had their tonsils removed were severely impacted. It was discovered that the tonsils are the only organ that produces polio antibodies.

In the present, the wisdom surrounding wisdom teeth is likewise lacking. They are removed as preventative medicine, because they are felt to be another unnecessary part. If a dentist sees wisdom teeth appearing during a routine check-up, he will usually schedule to have them removed. This may be a legitimate necessity in certain cases, but it is not for the majority of cases. Studies are beginning to show that all teeth have a special function, including the wisdom teeth.

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A Letter from the Editor: The Alternative Media Is Even Less Trustworthy Than Big Media

Thomas CorriherI write this with a heavy heart, concerning the state of things, but write this I must. Some years ago, I started on this journalism thing with the close help of Sarah C. Corriher. We did it, not because we really wanted to, but because we had to. Old fashioned, investigative journalism is all-but-dead, and quite a few people are living and dying horribly as a result. You need not look further than the diseased and chemically laden walking dead surrounding you, every time that you leave your home. Things should not be as they are, and we decided to do something about it; at least for anyone who could put faith into our mission. It is not one that we take lightly, for we have invested our savings, our personal honor, and the very safety of our family for it. Being an honest investigative reporter nowadays requires that one become a soldier in an information war, and this is largely why so few modern people do it. It is far from the easy path. Sarah can likewise attest to the sacrifices that we have made. We parcipitate in an old dance that is rarely observed in the largest news networks of this twisted age. Along the way, we have made plenty of people angry. We consider angering people to be a job requirement. Being a good journalist, as it was once defined, absolutely means being a trouble-maker. We are not team-players for any corporation, and we do not prostitute ourselves for either popularity or product endorsements. Good luck in finding these principles elsewhere.

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Quick Tip: Eliminating Gnats Without Chemicals

Households employ different methods to eliminate insect pests, such as gnats. These range from banning all fruits to spraying pesticides. There is a natural and safe method for eliminating gnats.

In a dish or container with a wide top, combine the following:

  • 1 tbsp. liquid dish detergent
  • 8 tbsp. apple cider vinegar
  • 1/4 cup water
  • 1 heaping tbsp. sugar

Leave this solution in an area where gnats congregate. It generally takes a couple of days for it to take effect, but when it does, it will begin killing large numbers of gnats. They will be attracted to it, and die in the mixture.


More About Triclosan: How The Chemical Industry Is Secretly Poisoning Us Again

The Washington Post reported how the F.D.A. has finally found fault in a chemical known as triclosan. The chemical is found in the urine of more than 75% of Americans, and research has shown for years that it is dangerous. However, new research has grabbed the attention of the E.P.A., F.D.A. and C.P.S.C. The chemical is so widely used that it falls under the jurisdiction of all three federal agencies.

Triclosan is an anti-bacterial and anti-fungal chemical. Astute readers may already be making the connection that anything that is poisonous to organisms is, well, poisonous. The poison is intentionally added to anti-bacterial soaps, pesticides, toothpastes, cleaning agents, shaving creams, and mouthwash. In recent years, it has been infused into children's toys, bedding and some clothing. From observing the history of the chemical industry, we are making bets amongst ourselves as to how long it will be before it is a critical component of vaccines and infant formulas.

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Quick Tip: Emergency Alternative Medicine For Snake Bites

Coral snakes are the most venomous in the U.S.A. Remember: "If red meets yellow, kill a fellow".

Snake bites can be very dangerous, and we recommend immediately seeking emergency medical care, if it is available. Hospitals are the only source for getting antivenin. However, there are scenarios when emergency medical assistance is hours or even days away. This article catalogs some treatments that can help in these situations.

Apply dampened activated charcoal to snake bite fang wounds as soon as possible. With some snake bites, making a small slit in the fang lesions is necessary, while other bites leave large enough holes for the activated charcoal to absorb well. Use a band-aid, cotton with medical tape, or anything else that is available to firmly hold the dampened charcoal onto the wound. Check periodically, and re-dampen the charcoal if it has dried. Do not use DMSO to increase absorption, for it will cause the venom to sink deeper into the body.

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The State of New York Plans To Ban Cooks From Using Salt

The Salt NAZI, and New York State Assemblyman, Felix Ortiz. "No salt for you!"

In high school, I had a class called Food Technology, which was essentially a glorified cooking class. Although, we also spent some time studying the effects of certain ingredients upon the body. Salt was one of those ingredients. At the time, public interest advertisements littered the television, informing people of the health dangers of salt and how it was present in almost every food that we ate. These advertisements were causing a public opinion backlash against the amount of salt that was present inside foods. Most people mindlessly accepted the propaganda, and cheered along the efforts to alter fast foods.

Somehow, removing salt would suddenly make fast foods healthy, and heart attacks would be a thing of the past. Let us not forget about curing high blood pressure, either. Eureka!  The problem was no longer the poisons in the fast foods, or even the fact that they are the equivalent of a cardboard diet in regards to nutrition. How convenient this is for the fast food's industry which is no longer to be blamed.

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Shielding Yourself From Radiation and Dangerous Radioactive Exposure From Cancer Patient Emissions

In some countries, cancer patients who are made radioactive are told to avoid contact with children, because radiation exposure is especially bad for children's developing bodies. These ethically-required warnings are never given in the U.S., because radiation is so zealously promoted.

What if our medical people and journalists had the same ethical standards as their peers in other countries? What if they too warned patients to at least stay away from innocent children? The American people would quickly realize that radiation is inherently bad, and that irradiated patients remain radioactive after exposure to radioactive 'medicine'. Think of the financial implications for the U.S. cancer industry, if the same warnings for children were to be given inside the states. The political lie about collateral radiation not effecting close friends and family is a large part of why the United States kills more people with medicine than any other industrialized nation. It is one reason why cancer runs in families now, because the entire family gets irradiated.

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How Chemical Fertilizers Are Destroying Your Body, The Soil, and Your Food

For about seventy years, people have been assured that poor quality soil is no longer an issue, so long as they rely on synthetic fertilizer products. Synthetic fertilizers are believed to infuse nutrients into soil, enabling all plants to prosper. However, synthetic fertilizers tend to replenish only nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus; awhile depleting the other nutrients and minerals that are naturally found in truly fertile soils. Thus, modern farming ironically leads to nutritionally-deficient foods. Most produce is also laced with chemicals; and most troubling, pesticides. Conversely, organically-grown fruits and vegetables have significantly more anti-oxidants, polyphenols, and enzymes. It is not just the soil that is losing out: it is our health.

Omega-3 oils are some of many nutrients which are rapidly declining in our foods. A lack of omega-3's is known to lead to heart disease, cancers, mental disorders such as attention deficit disorder, and Alzheimer's disease. In earlier times, most of these conditions were rare and merely occurred in society's most elderly.

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Recipe: Healthy All-Natural Homemade Salad Dressings

Why You Should Only Eat Salads That Have Home Made Dressings

If you eat salads, then you are almost certainly eating some of the worst foods ever engineered.  The actual 'salad' part of salads might be okay, but there are no commercially made salad dressings or mayonnaise products that are fit for human consumption.  Moreover, lettuce, which is the core ingredient of most salads, has almost no nutritional value.  Corn or watermelon would be roughly as nutritious.  You will gain weight and eventually have severe health problems if you consume salads with commercially-made dressings regularly.  Eating from Kentucky Fried Chicken is healthier than eating from most salad bars nowadays.  Do you ever wonder why salads and cut fruits from restaurants never wilt or brown anymore?  Our friends from the chemo-pharmaceutical industry know the answer.  A week later, the fruits and lettuce are just as 'fresh', you know, since mysteriously the bacteria on them dies as if it were poisoned with undisclosed and unlabeled chemical toxins.

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Basic Tips For Being Healthy

Red Cross with Dove OverlayWe write a great amount on this website about curing serious chronic diseases and ailments, and the brokenness of the sick-care industry that is by design. We do not usually cover issues of general health maintenance. We sadly realize that in this era, maintaining health has become extremely difficult. We have compiled a list of the core steps for obtaining health, in spite of the chemical industry.

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Earth Fare Bans and Shreds Our Magazines

Our retailer had an old fashioned book burning of our magazines. Well, technically they were "recycled", but the point and the effects are the same. The mission was, after all, to prevent the public from being able to read them. We find it disgusting whenever corporate suits decide for themselves what the public has a right to see and learn about (our basic rights), but we should be accustomed to it from most of the media outlets.

The Corporate Phone Call

It all started unexpectedly during a call with our corporate contact at Earth Fare, called Ivonne Goodwin.  The conversation started nice enough, but suddenly it turned hostile when Thomas inquired about the tentative roll-out to more stores for our next issue.  Ivonne suddenly and unexpectedly began verbally attacking both our magazine and our character, without any rational justification.  She was totally irrational, and off-the-hook.  She even attacked our journalistic credibility on one topic, until Thomas reminded her that the very statements in dispute were written by a doctor who had won the Nobel Prize on that topic.

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Eliminating Kidney Stones Naturally

Kidney stones are believed to be caused by mineral formations. They are frequently described by people as the most painful experience of their lifetimes. It is this intense pain that propels most sufferers to seek fast relief from doctors. Thereafter, drugs are prescribed that are intended to dissolve the stones, but if the stones are too large to pass, then surgery is conducted. Ironically, the surgeries can increase the risk of having further kidney stones; especially in overweight patients.

Mineral stones are the most common type of kidney stones. They can sometimes occur when people do not drink enough water, resulting in minerals and salts clumping together into "stones". It is believed that an excess of calcium causes kidney stones, but the stones are technically caused by a body lacking other minerals. The human body requires a diverse group of minerals, in order to be able to utilize calcium properly. If calcium cannot be properly combined with vitamin D-3 and magnesium, due to poor nutrition, then the resultant wasted calcium can bind with other materials to form into kidney stones, or the calcium may line the arterial walls to play a role in coronary artery disease, amongst a long list of problems. Various pharmaceuticals and artificial food additives, such as MSG, deplete minerals to make kidney stones, and a variety of other health problems much more likely. This mineral starvation is one reason why people with kidney problems will usually develop heart ailments too. The connection between the two was discovered about 3,000 years ago by Traditional Chinese Medicine. Modern doctors have not discovered it yet.

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Underhanded Waiver For Parents Who Do Not Vaccinate To Intimidate and Harass Them With Thinly Veiled Legal Threats

In 2009, The American Academy of Pediatrics began sending out waiver templates to be given to parents who are resistant to having their children vaccinated. The documents were an attempt to harass and intimidate parents. They were steeped in the language of legal and medical terrorism. One of the documents claimed that children would get cancers without vaccines, despite the nonexistence of cancer vaccines. The forms insinuated that drastically horrible things would happen to children if parents were not compliant, and they included veiled threats that families could be broken-up at some point, due to the parent's alleged medical neglect. Once one of these forms is signed, it provides doctors, lawyers, social services personnel and the courts with what appears to be a written admission that the parents were willfully negligent in the child's care -- admitted child abusers.

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Antidepressants Produce Plenty of Side-Effects, But Don't Reduce Depression

Writing for the B.B.C., Dr. Joanna Moncrieff explained that anti-depressants do not cure depression or make people happy. They merely numb people into drug-induced emotional comas, until the emotions are repressed to the point of forcefully reappearing: often explosively. She noted that the chemical imbalance hypothesis has never been proven, and moreover; it's wrong.

"Psychoactive drugs make people feel different; they put people into an altered mental and physical state. They affect everyone, regardless of whether they have a mental disorder or not... If we gave people a clearer picture, drug treatment might not always be so appealing. If you told people that we have no idea what is going on in their brain, but that they could take a drug that would make them feel different and might help to suppress their thoughts and feelings, then many people might choose to avoid taking drugs if they could."

-- Dr. Joanna Moncrieff

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Getting Pregnant, Curing Infertility, and Balancing Hormones

We have been overwhelmed by requests for help concerning hormonal, fertility, and pregnancy issues. Some of the women have had these sort of problems, despite eating a commendable diet. In this era, chemicals that imbalance the hormones are plentiful, and there is little wonder that both men and women are becoming infertile at higher rates than ever before in history.

The first thing to examine is the water supply. Tap water contains dozens of pharmaceuticals, in addition to the chlorine and fluoride that are ironically added in the name of health. All of these things can imbalance hormones; and fluoride specifically attacks the thyroid, an organ that is responsible for the creation of hormones. Fluoride is likely the biggest reason for the high rates of hypothyroidism throughout America today. Purchasing spring water, or getting a high-quality water filter is essential for avoiding serious disease.

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Pet Care: Deworming and Eliminating Fleas Naturally

When deworming pets, a large portion of people immediately turn to chemicals, under the assumption that something toxic is needed to kill parasites. Unfortunately, the chemicals are also somewhat toxic to the pets themselves, and should be avoided.

Using a natural substance, cats and dogs can be more effectively dewormed, at any age, and without risks. Diatomaceous earth is a white powder made from fossilized diatoms, a type of algae. It is a fine, abrasive powder (like baking soda) that absorbs large amounts of water. When the powder touches parasites, its microscopic, razor-like edges grate against them and dehydrate them simultaneously. This means that it will likely destroy even blood-borne parasites.

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The Truth About Salts and The Chemical Industry

Chemical bottlesThe mainstream media, at the behest of the misguided medical establishment, villainizes salt. Society is constantly told that salt can raise the blood pressure, cause cardiac failure, damage the kidneys, aggravate asthma, and cause kidney stones. The establishment makes no distinctions between the different types of salt.

Sea Salt

Unrefined and unadulterated sea salt is not harmful in moderate amounts. Its benefits over table salt contrasts the immense differences between God's engineering and man's. The human body requires a certain amount of sodium for optimum health, and we could not live without it. Healthy sea salts selectively make a body a hostile environment for pathogens, such as bacteria and parasites. Its specific toxicity to pathogenic life forms is why salt is such an excellent preservative, while leaving the healthy foods completely intact. Even mainstream medical doctors will admit these things when probed, but their institutionalized attacks upon salt continue unabated.

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The Claimer: The information provided herein is intended to be a truthful and corrective alternative to the advice that is provided by physicians and other medical professionals. It is intended to diagnose, treat, cure, and prevent disease.