Whole Foods Market Can No Longer Be Trusted For Safe Wholesome Foods or Even To Tell The Truth

We have previously covered the sale of soy products at Whole Foods Market, along with their blatant promotions of canola oil. Nevertheless, we had hoped that there was merely somebody high-up within Whole Foods who was still buying into that whole "soy is a health food" scam, and thus, they were simply ignorant of the last 10 years of scientific findings. Yet on a recent trip to Whole Foods, we inspected only a handful of products, and discovered the use of autolyzed yeast extract. It was quite a disappointment.

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Fibromyalgia: The F.D.A. Ignores An Entire Disease Caused By Its Approved Excitotoxins and Remains Silent About The Cure

The painful, or sensitive spots on a fibromyalgia sufferer.

We briefly wrote about monosodium glutamate and aspartame previously.  Both are excitotoxins, which means that they over-excite the brain's neurons, until many of them burn-out.  We have always recommended that our readers avoid these substances, since they are leading causes of disorders which include epilepsy, diabetes, obesity and sudden heart attacks (even amongst young athletes).

We recently discovered a common disease which appears to be caused only by these substances, and cured simply by their avoidance.  What is astounding is that this discovery was made through the F.D.A.'s website.  I do not believe there has ever been a natural cure posted on their website before, but it was hardly one of their main pages.  The fact that you have to learn about it from us is a clear indicator of how corrupt the medical industry and its regulators are.  The page with the information appears to be an old, archived e-mail; so it is likely that this information was never intended to be made public.  We feel certain that it was not meant to be.

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Jim Humble's MMS Fraud

M.M.S. was an acronym for "Miracle Mineral Supplement", but it was changed to "Miracle Mineral Solution" to evade media attention and F.D.A. actions. If you are not already cringing from the marketing, you may be when you discover that it is chlorine dioxide (oxygenated chlorine). The marketing of this product is so dishonest that even its name was based upon lies. It was never a mineral nor a miracle, or even a supplement. Chlorine deficiencies do not exist in any living creature. The name change happened because the product had been well exposed as a dangerous fraud, in much the same way that a career criminal will change his name to inhibit police investigations and arrests. A similar product is called "MMS2", and it is sold by the same people.

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The 2010 Worst Restaurant of the Year Award Goes To Subway

Nationwide restaurant chains are invariably unhealthy, which makes choosing the worst restaurant of the year difficult.  Our 2010 award may come as a shock to some of our readers.  It is a restaurant that uses toxic ingredients, while marketing its products toward the health-conscious.

Subway was started in 1965 by a 17-year-old, named Fred DeLuca, who wanted to make extra money to pay for his college tuition.  He borrowed $1,000 from a family friend, Peter Buck, who would later become his business partner.  Their food has always been marketed as being fresh and healthy.  The Subway chain is now owned by Doctors Associates, Inc., which in turn is still owned by Peter and Fred.  Neither of which are medical doctors, by the way.  From what we can tell, Doctor's Associates, Inc. does nothing more than own Subway, and gives the misleading impression that doctors are being consulted about the nutritional value of Subway's foods.  In fact, there appears to be no doctors involved with Doctor's Associates, Inc. at all, and Subway no longer offers fresh and healthy alternatives.

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Quick Tip: How To Cure A Hangover

Home remedies for hangovers have been circulating for years, but they are invariably ineffective. To eliminate a health condition, we must first isolate the true causes. In the case of hangovers, the causes include dehydration, a sugar crash, and chemical poisoning. Modern alcoholic beverages are far more likely to produce hangovers than those available decades ago. Many wines now contain nitrates, which are known to cause headaches and grogginess, whilst reducing oxygen flow in the body to yield extreme acidosis. Some alcoholic drinks contain artificial flavors and colors, and are barely comparable to the beverages of yesteryear. Drinking large amounts of these beverages is the equivalent to having a huge binge on chemically and genetically engineered ConAgre foods. To make the point about toxicity clear: taking a teaspoon of powdered activated charcoal prior to drinking these toxic products will usually prevent a hangover, since activated charcoal prevents the absorption of most poisons, while not effecting alcohol.

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BPA Is In Metal Food Containers Too, Because It Was Intentionally Put There - To Make Them "Safe"

BPA laced "organic" tomatoes from Hunt's. This should be no surprise since Hunt's is now a division of the bio-technology powerhouse, ConAgra.

Those who are knowledgeable about plastic containers and the dozens of toxins that they leach (e.g. antimony and BPA) will often choose canned foods as a healthier alternative. However, aluminum cans, and aluminum water bottles have a secret plastic inner lining. This is because aluminum is known for reacting with either acids or alkalies, and aluminum combines with whatever it reacts to. If no plastic liner were present, people would be getting massive amounts of aluminum in their diets through metal food and drink containers. The plastic liners contain bisphenol-A in practically every case, including the organic options. This is not simply restricted to aluminum drink cans, but it branches out to all aluminum cans, including those which are used to can foods. The baked beans, soups, and canned vegetables found at retailers all have it.

Studies testing for the presence of BPA found that it was higher in food containers than soft drink cans. It is presumed that this is because canned foods are processed at much higher temperatures. There is only one brand that is currently claiming to use BPA-free cans, Eden Organic Baked Beans. However, the company still uses BPA for its canned tomato products. Some companies claim that their use of BPA is currently unavoidable for some products. However, there are other options that they could explore, such as glass containers, bees wax coatings, and more resilient metals. Most people would gladly pay a few cents more for alternative containers, if it ensured that their foods and drinks were pure.

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Why Rancid 'Healthy' Oils Are More Dangerous Than the Bad Oils

People tend to thoughtfully consider the nutritional value of the cooking oils that they choose, but the rancidity of oils is actually of greater importance. Whenever an oil is heated enough, it undergoes a chemical breakdown, which leads to it becoming rancid. The heat-induced process sometimes transforms healthy oils into dangerous oils. This happens regardless of the original nutrient content.

Every oil has a smoke point. This is the temperature at which the nutritional content of an oil begins rapidly degrading. The smoke point is when oils become harmful, and it is when they begin actually emitting smoke, which is often more toxic than the destroyed oil. Every time an oil is reused, its smoke point temperature is lowered, because it has already undergone some break-down from previous uses. The reuse of oils is one of the main reasons why eating at restaurants is discouraged, because the oils will be bad in even restaurants that purchase healthy oils. Although, it is not often that they do.

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How the Establishment Uses Pain and Addiction as Tools to Keep Us Compliant

The "Dangerous" Opium Poppy Flower. This plant is a threat to the powers-that-be.

On occasion, we are asked about all-natural pain neutralizers, which brings us to the disgusting position that all of us are in. All of the powerful pain-killing herbs have been outlawed amongst the general population, for the sake of maintaining Big Medica's stranglehold on emergency medicine. In this era, only members of the establishment are allowed access to natural herbs that effectively neutralize extreme pain.

Pain is one of the surest ways to ensure that we comply with their system, and sooner or later, our pain will make certain that we become "consumers" of it; whether we like it or not. We get educated about being good consumers through our pain, of which we are not allowed to remedy ourselves. The doctors and pharmacists play heroes by giving us the same medicines that are our God-given right to have in the first place. Most people buy into this fraudulent side-show, and they will never realize that all of the high-potency pain-killers are merely extracts of opium, or that our hallowed science does not even have the capability to do it without the natural compounds from this herb. This herb, is of course, illegal for the rest of us. These God-given medicinal plants are called "dangerous drugs" in our hands; but don't worry, for they have plenty of chemically-enhanced and chemically-laced opium extracts (heroin, morphine, codeine) that are expensive, dangerous, and intentionally addictive to be used in opium's place. Pure, organic opium is neither addictive nor dangerous -- until it is "enhanced" in a chemical laboratory. Ah, the miracles of science! I think not. The more educated a person becomes about Big Medica's pain-killing con-job, the less grateful he tends to be about these "miracle" drugs that "science" gave us. The dangerous and addictive drugs that are substituted for natural opium are more like dealing with the devil than any miracle, and there are hidden prices to be paid for their use.

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The Rise and Fall of a Naturally Good Magazine and The Big Media Cartel That Eliminates Such Publications

Cover photo for issue 3 of Naturally Good MagazineWhile this article is slightly off-topic, it nevertheless is something that everyone should read. Everyone needs to know what is happening, and it is time for some whistleblowing. By the time you reach the end, you are likely to be shocked at the state of things. We were.

I saw Sarah this morning wearing her white pull over. It was a reminder of a dream. Over her heart, in bold navy blue stitching was printed, "Naturally Good Magazine Staff". Before we created this site and the audio editions of The Health Wyze Report, we had a printed magazine. It represented what magazines should be, and what they were in a better time. In our first three issues, we covered almost everything that people need, in order to live long and healthy lives. Much of the material for this web site comes from those issues, and the six months of hard core research that went into them.

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Aging Doesn't Equal Weight Gain, Slowed Metabolism, Poor Health, or Fatigue

When we were children, exercise was normal and enjoyable.  As we age, we progressively exercise less.  In fact, we become sluggish and tired, and feel the need to sleep much more than we did as children.  As a result, we have come to believe that our metabolism naturally slows down as we become older.  A popular myth even claims that it is the design of the body to gain weight in later years, as a means of warmth that compensates for a slowed metabolism.  This is simply a wishful fabrication.  In addition to the reduction in exercise, the average adult body has a high toxic load.  It has been given poisonous foods for far longer than a child.  As a result, vital organs don't function as well as they should, especially the thyroid and adrenal glands, which are responsible for producing the hormones behind metabolism.

Fat is where toxins are stored, which is one of the reasons for the epidemic of obesity plaguing the western world.  The body stores toxins inside fat cells in much the same way that oysters produce pearls to protect themselves from impurities.  The body resists attempts to lose weight, in large part, because toxins stored inside fat cells must be re-released into the body.  However, not only will losing fat (and toxins) ultimately make you healthier, it will also eventually boost your metabolism.  When attempting to lose weight, the beginning is by far the hardest stage, because one's metabolism speeds only in correlation with the amount of weight that is lost.  For an in-depth report about all that is involved in proper and healthy weight loss, reference our article, Why Dieting Actually Makes People Fat and How To Do It Right.

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Smoking To Cure Lung Infections and For Good Lung Health

Indian Tobacco

Some readers will be surprised by our endorsement of any herb that is to be smoked; especially one that is called a "tobacco". We endorse the medicinal use of Indian tobacco (lobelia inflata). Smoking truly natural substances is not necessarily harmful. Even real tobacco does not need to be dangerous, but it is made dangerous by the industry. Commercially-made cigarettes are harmful because of the additives, the glues, the radioactive fertilizers, and the papers that are used -- not the tobaccos themselves. The American Indians smoked organic tobacco for a thousand years before the Europeans arrived, without cancers. They get cancers now, for the same chemical reasons that everyone else is getting cancers.

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The Mail Bag #6: Curing Severe H. Pylori Infections

From: Thomas Corriher
To: *********
Subject: Re: H. Pylori
Date: Thu, 28 Jan 2010 14:23:00 -0400 (EDT)

"I was recently diagnosed with the H. Pylori bacteria.  I have taken all the meds and using Prilosec now to help stomach pain.  I am still breaking out in skin lesions and hives (very itchy).  I have developed dark circles around my eyes and joints have turned dark.  I  read your article on PH balance for the body.  I think that is a problem also.  I took a PH test strip and the thing turned canary yellow which the chart said that that is dangerously high acidic.  Send me anything you have by email to confirms the reaction of the hives that I am getting.  Can it be the H. Pylori causing the hives or just a dirty, acidic system?"

You are in serious trouble.  If you want to be saved, then you had better listen, and listen well.  Time is running out for you.

Let us preface by telling you that we technically cannot give you, or any individual, medical advice.  That would be "practicing medicine without a license", and there are people excitedly waiting for us to make that mistake.  Sometimes we get messages from lawyers trying to bait us.  What we can do is tell you what we would do in your situation, which coincidentally, is exactly the same advice that we would give to you if we were legally able to.  There are no laws yet that prevent us from telling you how we would treat ourselves in the same situation.

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Natural Approaches For Treating Epilepsy

Epilepsy is a term that is used to encompass various types of seizure disorders that are believed to be caused by abnormal electrical signals in the brain. The standard therapies include anti-seizure pharmaceuticals, psychological counseling, and brain surgery.

Anti-epileptic medications are known for having horrific side effects, which include suicidal ideation, jaundice, kidney and liver failure, blurred vision, aplastic anemia (failure to produce blood cells), impaired cognitive function, bone loss, and more severe seizures. Doctors believe that these risks are acceptable. When the medical side effects manifest, doctors often fail to recognize that they were caused by the medication, and treat the side effects like spontaneously new disease conditions. The mantra is that anything and everything could be the cause -- except for the pharmaceuticals. This sometimes results in half a dozen absolutely unnecessary drugs being used, and worsening health problems from the untested combinations of pharmaceuticals. This is the standard of epileptic care.

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The Truth About Asthma Being Curable

Asthma is a condition that is characterized by shortness of breath, wheezing, chest tightness, pain in the chest, and coughing (especially at night). As with all the other confusing diseases, experimental medicine has recently redefined asthma as a genetic condition. For the uninitiated, the word "genetic" is medical code for "we have no idea" or "we'll blame it on God". Despite medical science's newly discovered 'genetic' cause of asthma, the rates of its occurrence have been increasing disproportionately to population growth each year. A truly genetic condition would increase at a rate that would match population growth.

There are many triggers of asthma attacks. Environmental pollution is a major cause for those who live in urban areas. Air fresheners, in particular, have been shown to trigger asthma attacks by dramatically reducing lung capacity. Asthmatics should avoid all scented products, including candles, deodorizers, dryer sheets, scented soaps, and especially all "air fresheners". It is wise for healthy individuals to avoid them too. Allergens stress the body, to exaggerate asthma problems, which can provoke terrifying hyper-immune responses. Certain plants may cause these reactions, such as ragweed, along with a new generation of food allergies, which have been artificially created by vaccinations containing food ingredients.

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Walmart is Becoming a Health Hero with Surprising New Policies

In a press release last week, America's biggest retail chain, Walmart, has announced that it is going to stop selling certain unhealthy foods by 2015. Manufacturers will be forced to reformulate, or their products will be removed from all Walmart stores. At a time when governmental agencies like the Food and Drug Administration are unwilling to take any action concerning the poisonous foods that line grocery store shelves, it is refreshing to see a company filling the void.

One of Walmart's key plans is to remove all foods that contain trans fats. Trans fats are the menace that were presented as the healthy alternative to natural saturated fats, such as butter. The chemical industry has been killing us with their hydrogenated oils for too many decades to count. There are still some questions, however. For instance, the government tells us that if a product contains less than 1 gram of trans fat per serving, it doesn't exist (on labeling). Thus, if a serving size was listed as 1/4 of a teaspoon on a package of peanut butter, and it contained 0.5 grams of trans fat, it could be labeled "No Trans Fats", which is fully blessed by both the F.D.A. and its equally perverse twin, the F.T.C.. This is how the consumer manipulation game is played. With only two teaspoons, 2 grams of trans fat would be consumed, which suddenly does exist again under government regulations, if only the 'serving size' had been honest. We will have to wait and see if Walmart makes a better regulator than the government.

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Canadian Criminal Mastermind: Michael Schmidt and The Illegal Milk Trade

Unrepentant Canadian criminal, Michael Schmidt, with his contraband -- milk.

Since 1994, Canadian authorities have been harassing Michael Schmidt, a diary farmer, over his illegal cow-milking operation.  Michael was charged and found guilty of selling raw dairy milk in 1994, and was sentenced to two years probation.  He was forced to sell hundreds of acres of land in order to pay legal fees.

Selling raw milk in Canada is a very serious crime.  Canadian officials felt that it was so serious that instead of prosecuting minor felons like murderers and rapists, they carried out a 25-man armed raid on Schmidt's farm in November 2006.  In case you're wondering; the assault rifles were completely necessary, as dairy farmers present a underestimated threat, despite their carefully construed mild-mannered reputation.  All of Michael's milking paraphernalia and cheese-making equipment was seized as hard evidence of his criminal activities.  Michael began a hunger strike, which he ended 28 days later, in a rally outside the Ontario Legislature, where he milked a cow.

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The C.D.C.'s 2009 National Reports on Human Exposure to Environmental Chemicals (Poisons)

What follows are excerpts from the official Centers for Disease Control reports verbatim, unless marked with brackets ( [ ] ). Emphasis may be ours, as well as italicized sections.

For the National Exposure Report, an environmental chemical refers to a chemical compound or chemical element present in air, water, food, soil, dust, or other environmental media, such as consumer products.  Blood and urine levels reflect the amount of the chemical that actually gets into the body from the environment.  Either the chemical or its metabolite is measured.  A metabolite is a substance produced when body tissues chemically alter the original compound.

The Fourth Report includes results for 75 chemicals measured for the first time in the U.S. population.  These chemicals are in the following groups:

  • acrylamide and glycidamide adducts;
  • arsenic species and metabolites;
  • environmental phenols, including bisphenol A [BPA] and triclosan;
  • perchlorate;
  • perfluorinated chemicals;
  • polybrominated diphenyl ethers;
  • volatile organic compounds; and some additions to chemical groups previously measured.

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Eliminating Female Hair Loss Naturally

Thirty million women suffer from hair loss in America alone, yet most people see hair loss as something that only effects men. It is usually a sign of poisoning. This problem is traumatic to the self-esteem of women, especially when they do not realize that their hair loss is caused by their supposedly "safe" medications. Contrary to what women are told, female hair loss is not hereditary, but a documented side effect of prescription drugs. A massive portion of pharmaceuticals cause hair loss, including antidepressants. This is a particularly disturbing finding, because those who are being treated for depression may suffer from this side-effect, and become further depressed by the hair loss. This combination is common for menopausal women. Beta blocker drugs that are used to treat angina, panic attacks, and social anxiety can also cause female hair loss. All hormone-effecting drugs are likely to cause hair loss, including anti-acne medications, and medications that are prescribed to increase a woman's libido. Birth control pills are especially bad for causing hair loss and other health problems that can last for years after they are discontinued. "The pill" is one of the most dangerous things that a woman can do to her body.

Doctors rarely inform women that the hair loss was caused by them. That would require ethics and taking responsibility. Doctors instead attempt to correct the condition with even more pills. There is only one prescription product that is F.D.A. approved for dealing with hair loss, which is minoxidil (brand name Rogaine). Minoxidil must be used consistently for 6 to 12 months before there are any signs of improvement, and the patient can never stop taking it without the hair loss resuming. In addition, minoxidil darkens the pigmentation of hair throughout the body in more than 80% of the patients studied, and it produced heart attacks and cardiac lesions in animal test subjects.

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Fire Safe Cigarettes and the Massacre of Smokers

It is near sacrilege to publish anything that in any way defends smokers. Brace yourself, for you are about to read such a sacrilege. For the sake of political correctness, let us preface by noting that smokers are hellishly evil creatures, for they savagely murder our innocent children with their second-hand death gas. Now we can move on with political correctness satisfied.

As a collective society, we have come to view anything tobacco-related as evil, and its users as needing to be stoned (in the biblical sense). Because of the almost religious anti-tobacco dogma nowadays, what follows might be difficult for some readers to believe.

The first smokers were the American Indians. They also used cannabis (marijuana), which was a favorite choice inside peace pipes. For hundreds, if not thousands of years, the American Indians frequently smoked unfiltered and organic tobaccos, wherein the smoke was stronger than any cigarette sold now. The Indians did not get lung cancers. They suffered from no major diseases at all. They did not even suffer from allergies, despite living outdoors constantly. It is similar to the situation with the modern-day, unvaccinated Amish. It was not until the English and the Europeans began importing the European diets, long-term food storage, and the overall European lifestyle that serious diseases appeared in Indian tribes. The Old World diseases struck with an ugly vengeance. Entire tribes were wiped-out in days, because the Indians had never needed to develop an immunity against European pathogens.

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Proof That Genetically Engineered Foods In U.S. Grocery Stores Are Horrifically Dangerous

A Monsanto child of yesteryear, who was born without eyes, or eye sockets. The effects of Agent Orange are still being felt in Vietnam. Monsanto Corp. had "proven with scientific evidence" that Agent Orange was "not harmful to humans".

For many years, independent health reporters have been warning the public about the dangers of genetically modified foods. Meanwhile, consumer awareness groups have consistently campaigned for honest labeling on all G.M.O. (genetically modified / genetically engineered) foods. However, organizations like the F.D.A., who are friendly with the biotechnology industry, have mocked ethical concerns as being "irrational" fears about bio-engineering. A truly independent study between the universities of Rouen and Caen, in France, demonstrated that the consumption of Monsanto's genetically engineered foods can cause organ failures.

Genetically engineered foods are now in an estimated 80% of processed foods in the U.S., without any labeling whatsoever. In fact, the United States is one of the few civilized countries in the world that does not require labeling for G.M. foods, and we have routinely warned our readers about the dangers of soy, canola, cottonseed, and corn. These foods are almost always genetically engineered (unless they are "organic"). Make special note that there is no organic canola, because the canola plant was invented in 1976 through genetic engineering. Equally there is no truly organic soy for human consumption, because soy in its raw organic form is poisonous. Therefore, we strongly recommend boycotting companies that pretend to sell "organic canola" or "organic soy" in food products.

The Huffington Post reported that the F.D.A. had approved Monsanto's genetically engineered produce using only Monsanto's own 90-day study. Monsanto had limited the study to just 90 days, despite the fact that most chronic problems will not be evident in that length of time, which was of course, Monsanto's intent. In addition, they flatly dismissed all of their own data which was linked to the sex of the test subjects, because sex traits are usually closely linked to genetic disorders. It was another example of F.D.A. science. Official responses indicate that we are expected to believe that Monsanto's dismissal of all its unflattering test data was merely coincidental.

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The Claimer: The information provided herein is intended to be a truthful and corrective alternative to the advice that is provided by physicians and other medical professionals. It is intended to diagnose, treat, cure, and prevent disease.