The Onion Reports: Taco Bell Goes Green

One of our friends sent us the following presentation, and we felt that it was worthy of posting in our main articles area. Most people will find this video hilarious, but a part of us became uneasy from knowing that there is a large degree of truth to this comical spoof.

Genetically Modified Foods At U.S. Grocery Stores: How To Avoid These Frankenfoods and The New Pesticides That Do Not Wash Off

Frankenfoods parody Courtesy

Foods that are G.M.O. (genetically modified organisms) are always grown using modern, non-organic farming methods. The combination can easily become less nutritional than a diet of processed carbohydrates and cola.

There is a means to differentiate the good produce from the Frankenfoods in U.S. retailers, despite the fact that the F.D.A. does not require that G.M. (genetically modified) foods be labeled in any way that would be easily understood. This is, of course, intentional.

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The Marvelous Health of Unvaccinated Children

Once upon a time, in April 2009 to be exact, I was invited to give a speech at a conference on vaccination.  I was to talk after two of the best speakers France has to offer on the subject, journalist Sylvie Simon and biologist Michel Georget.  At hearing them speak in the past, it was absolutely clear to me that the best option is to stay as far away from vaccines as possible.  I just did not know what to do instead, to best assure staying alive and well.  As a paediatrician and homeopath qualified to speak on the subject, I decided to setup a conference called "The Marvelous Health of Unvaccinated Children", along with my friends, Sylvie and Michel.  This work would later evolve into a book that analyses various life choices often made by families that do not vaccinate, including home birth, breastfeeding, simple therapies, good food, a tranquil living environment and trust in the capacity of the body to heal itself.

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The American Cancer Society Admitted That Untreated Cancers Often Go Away Naturally

Are you still walking for the cure? That money you're raising is the reason why they'll never find it.

While researching the use of alternative therapies that were utilized by Suzanne Somers, we came across doctors and media outlets who desperately tried to malign her reputation. Their responses were so hasty that they accidentally revealed statistics that are not normally shared with the public.

"We're finding that about 25 to 30 percent of some cancers stop growing at some point, that can make some treatments look good that aren't doing anything. Until doctors figure out how to identify which patients have cancers that won't progress, the only option is to treat everyone."

-- Dr. Otis Brawley, American Cancer Society's Chief Medical Officer

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How MSG (Monosodium Glutamate) is Hidden in Your Foods and its Antidote, Taurine

Neutralizing MSG, Neutralizing Monosodium GlutamateIf monosodium glutamate (MSG) is as safe as its food industry proponents claim, then why do they consistently labor to hide it from us with deceptive labeling?

Many readers will be thrilled to discover that there is an effective, all-natural antidote for MSG poisoning called taurine. It is an amino acid that is naturally produced by the human body. Also known as L-taurine, it is found in proteins, and it is added to many energy drinks, due to its stimulating effect. Taurine supplement capsules can be found in health food stores, and they should be kept ready for MSG or heart emergencies. It effectively neutralizes MSG and it helps to regulate the pulse. The earlier that it is taken during a time of exposure to MSG, the better that it works to neutralize the MSG. If at all possible, it is best to take taurine just before MSG consumption, but please note that we would never recommend the consumption of MSG, even when there is taurine available to neutralize it. Conversely, MSG neutralizes the taurine already present in the body, which is largely its method of causing heart attacks.

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Lead In Fruit Juices, Fruit Snacks, and Children's Drinks

WARNING: This product contains lead, a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, and other reproductive harm.

The Environmental Law Foundation recently tested fruit juice products; paying particular attention to those which are marketed to children. They reported that 85% of the drinks that they tested contained enough lead to require a warning, in order to comply with California's Proposition 65. Of course, none of them actually bore this warning label, or any other.

The company doing this study is our only source of evidence; and we feel that they have been involved in some paranoid cases in the past, so we are approaching this topic with some healthy scientific skepticism. We certainly would not want to dissuade our readers from fruit juices, unless there really is an exceptionally bad problem with their purity, for we know that juices are the only intake of fruits for some readers.

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The W.H.O. Has Another Plan To Make Us Healthier Through Forced Medicating

Whenever a governmental or international agency recommends mandating something that is purportedly in the interest of our health, we have learned to duck for cover.  Even in the best and most innocent cases, they have a tendency of ignoring the true causes of problems, and of treating the symptoms in a manner which creates more harm.World Health Organization Logo The fellowship with the chemical industry is unmistakable, and apparently force medicating us with bleach and fluoride is not enough anymore.

The latest recommendation from the World Health Organization is to add calcium and magnesium to municipal water supplies.  This new treatment is supposed to help us to resist osteoporosis and brittle bone disease.  Of course, these conditions are caused by the fluoride that they have recommended in our drinking water for the last 60 years.  Prior to that, these conditions were so rare that they were considered oddities.  Best yet is the fact that fluoride has been repeatedly shown by statistics to cause more dental problems than it eliminates. Those statistics have been made intentionally difficult to find, by the way.  We can only conclude that the whole science thing just gets in the way of their agenda.  As of yet, they have still never recommended removing fluoride, despite it being an industrial toxic waste product.  What fluoride accomplishes is keeping the populations passive, reducing IQ levels, along with causing cancers, thyroid diseases, metabolic diseases, suppressing the immune system, and causing reproductive defects.  Fluoride was a favorite chemical weapon of the NAZIs.  It is also hidden in a large portion of the pharmaceuticals too, without any apparent reason or explanation.

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The Modern and Neurotic Psychology of Sickness

Still looking for the cure? Perhaps they did not notice their own cancer-causing ingredients.

Our society makes it difficult to go through an entire day without hearing about someone's medical suffering.  I shall not contest the fact that millions of American's are suffering with diseases, routine sicknesses, and pharmaceutically-induced side effects.  However, it must be stated that virtually all of our illnesses are needless, and even self-inflicted.  We have been so brainwashed into believing that routine illnesses are normal that anyone disputing this dogma has become a politically incorrect fool.  This may seem harsh to some readers initially, but it is absolutely true.

Most people are negligent about their health most of the time, and utterly suckered by the establishment.  They eat genetically engineered, radioactive, and processed foods every day having little regard for the eventual consequences.  Sooner or later, they find themselves being chemically treated for relatively non-existent diseases, such as "high cholesterol", and such "conditions" eventually become heart disease to everyone's surprise, diabetes, and perhaps the random symptoms of fibromyalgia.  This cascading collapse of health is never blamed on the pharmaceuticals that were initially given, despite these problems being clearly cited in studies.

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Sharp Rise in U.S. Military Psychiatric Drug Use and Suicides

One in six service members is now taking at least one psychiatric drug, according to the Navy Times, with many soldiers taking "drug cocktail" combinations.  Soldiers and military health care providers told the Military Times that psychiatric drugs are "being prescribed, consumed, shared and traded in combat zones.

The Navy Times reporters Andrew Tilghman and Brendan McGarry also noted that there has been a large increase in military suicides.  From 2001 to 2009, the Army's official suicide rate increased from 9 per 100,000 soldiers to 23 per 100,000.  During that same period, the Marine Corps suicide rate increased from 16.7 per 100,000 soldiers to 24 per 100,000.

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The Worst Restaurant Of The Year Award Goes To Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC)

Kentucky Fried Chicken is perhaps the only restaurant chain that will keep an employee who urinates in the food, as in the case of worker Casey Diedrich of Omaha, Nebraska. The toxic canola oil fumes provide yet another reason to avoid KFC altogether.

KFC has long been known as an unhealthy place to eat, but most assume that its most unhealthy attribute is the frying. Unfortunately, this is far from the case. Frying in hydrogenated oils with trans fats is indeed a terrible practice, and the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) is trying to sue KFC for making their customer's arteries "extra crispy". As common as this is though, KFC could not win our award based on this alone.

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Natural and Holistic Treatments To Remedy Scabies

A typical Chinese prisoner covered in scabies. Her crime was practicing religion. Stop supporting the Chinese Government with your purchases.

Scabies is a term that describes a parasitic skin infestation by the itch mite (sarcoptes scabiei). The name itch mite should give readers a clear indication of the effect of these little monsters. They burrow under the skin to lay their eggs, and they create bacterial infections in the process. The overall immune system is usually weakened. The itching only begins after 30 days of infection, and during this initial symptom-less period, victims may pass this condition on to all of their family members and friends. These highly contagious infestations can be transmitted whenever there is skin contact, or when there is shared contact with cloth fibers. Infestations have been known to run rampant in institutional settings.

Finding effective natural methods of eliminating such parasites can be a challenge for those who practice alternative medicine, because the methodology required is in opposition to normal procedures. Alternative medicine normally concentrates upon working with nature, to help it overcome whatever has caused an imbalanced state of dis-ease. In a sense, traditional methods can be thought of as a little too pro-life to be of any use. Poisons are the forté of our adversaries. The pharmaceutical industry poisons best, and they have literally transformed the poisoning of their own customers into a science. Allopathic medicine has plenty of poisonous chemicals that people can rub all over their skin, with their products often containing carcinogens such as benzene and formaldehyde.

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A New Method of Poisoning Us With Radiation: 'High Efficiency' Light Bulbs

The new generation of CFL energy efficient light bulbs ("corkscrew bulbs") are so dangerous, in so many ways, that they had to be designed to satisfy an evil agenda of sickening the population. You will understand that this is no exaggeration by the time you finish this article.

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The Inflammatory Topic of Vaccines During a Health Information War

Catherine Bennett
As a reporter for The Guardian, she is courageously defending society from "vaccine dodgers" and alternative medicine.

In the British mainstream media, there has been enormous grandstanding about making the M.M.R. (Measles, Mumps, and Rubella) vaccine mandatory. Vaccinations have never been mandatory in Britain, because the English never believed that forced drugging was moral for a civilized society. This is one of the reasons why water has never been fluoridated in the United Kingdom.

One of our readers sent an article our way, entitled "It's time we created special schools for MMR dodgers" by Miss Bennett. That article was an expression of a media agenda to associate those who forgo vaccines with cowards and traitors, instead of the better-educated people that they are. Throughout the Guardian's article, insults are piled upon those who have dared to question the wisdom of vaccines, and it was insinuated that society would surely suffer a calamitous failure without more vaccinations.

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Even The Chinese Declare American Food Unfit For Human Consumption

"Here, kitty, kitty."

When China rejects something because of its toxicity, we know that it must be quite bad.  After all, they had no problem poisoning their own infants with melamine, and they apparently consider lead to be an essential nutrient for children.  However, they recently rejected six tons of American cherries, because they were laced with pesticides.  The Chinese do not tolerate even trace amounts of the pesticide malathion, and we fully understand why.

Malathion is the most common pesticide used in the United States, and the E.P.A. estimates that about 30 million pounds are used annually.  There have been very few human studies using this pesticide (any volunteers?), so most data comes from animal studies and test tube analysis' of human cells.  Feeling safer now?

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Special Investigative Report: Debunking The "Health" Products That You Thought Were Healthy

Dove GraphicDeception is rampant in the food industry, and as a result, typical retailer shelves are full of products that are marketed as having health benefits, despite the fact that most of them are more damaging to us than the unhealthy products they replace. As a general rule, you should beware whenever you see labels such as: diet, sugar free, fat free, no trans fats, with flax, or with omega 3. These are usually tricks to hurt you at someone else's profit. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration uniquely redefines common words to protect a chemical industry that is happily poisoning us. Some of the label terms listed herein mean something entirely different from what any reasonable person would expect. These word games will be explained.

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Why Everyone Has Attention Deficit Disorder, and Why it is Illegal To Cure


There are a lot of people in modern society who have trouble concentrating on seemingly simple tasks. There is an emerging epidemic of people who are having difficulties with organization, memory, and they have a tendency to become easily distracted. It is sometimes blamed on an increased need to multi-task in the workplace or school. However, the workload for most Americans has not actually increased at the same rate as these problems have, and people with low-stress jobs are experiencing these same issues at equally-elevated rates.

A June 2009 C.N.N. article titled, Why Can't I Concentrate? blamed A.D.D. as the cause of these problems, pointing to the fact that 5 million female Americans suffer from it, and it is even more common in men. The media ignored the most basic probing questions such as, what is the cause and the cure? Perhaps they were silent on these questions because any mention of curing would have meant that the reporters were risking criminal prosecution for making unapproved medical claims or practicing medicine without a license. Even though they should be immune from such worries as journalists, we can nevertheless imagine the cold chill as they conferenced about this matter with their legal department beforehand.

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Fed Up! Movie Trailer

We recently discovered Fed Up!, a documentary which focuses on the topic of genetically engineered foods.  The movie uses archival footage and interviews to explore the changes in food production, how the Biotech Revolution took place, and it shows the influence of big industry on our food choices.  The archival footage will be fascinating to many; showing the battle over genetically modified food labeling, the inevitable contamination of our entire food supply through genetically engineered pollens, how they are wiping-out the butterflies and honeybees, and how the great majority of the first pesticides are now illegal — but they remain for decades in farm soils.

There was no trailer available for this movie, so we made one ourselves.  We strongly recommend that you watch the entire movie.  It is only an hour long, and it is very informative.  The movie was released under a Creative Commons license, so it should be freely and legally available for download from and through the bittorrent network.

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Medical Mind Games and Proving Ginger Is Therapeutic

medical magician Demonstrating the principles of modern medical science.
Guess which is less deadly statistically: cigarettes or pharmaceuticals? Which is most likely to cause deadly cancers: cigarettes or radioactive cancer screenings, such as mammograms? Sunscreens (not sunlight) cause most of the skin cancers, and this is why people who are exposed to the most sunlight tend to have more skin cancers -- because they use sunscreens the most. Life-giving sunlight produces vitamin D-3 in our skin (removing excess cholesterol in the process), and this natural vitamin D-3 is helpful in eliminating approximately 70% of cancers, as was demonstrated by Dr. Johanna Budwig.

Exposing the mythology of modern medicine is a journey into how the chemical industry, the medical establishment, and our media all work together to cook mutually profitable "science".

CNN recently ran a report titled, Ginger May Help Chemo Patients With Nausea. Modern medicine (allopathy) finally discovered that ginger is useful, in 2009. This is especially underwhelming for people who are knowledgeable about traditional medicines, because we have already known this for about 4,000 years and counting. The ginger revelation was supposedly news, because establishment doctors "discovered" that ginger was useful, in 2009.

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Hearing Our Seriously Depressed Adolescents and The Truth About 'Troubled' Teens

The distressed adolescent often has feelings of abandonment, emotional detachment, withdrawal, and isolation.  These children begin to develop an intense anger directed towards the adult society that they feel has hurt them and does not understand them.  Parents need to learn how to build relationships with these children, and this can be accomplished through a process of emotional coaching, of allowing the child to express their feelings without judgment, while providing clear guidance, limits, and expectations.  It is often inconsistency and a lack of clear guidance from parents that furthers the struggles for these children, who then begin to seek guidance from misinformed peers.

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How Big Medicine Works and The Hypocritic Oath

"The F.D.A. protects the big drug companies, and is subsequently rewarded, and using the government's police powers, they attack those who threaten the big drug companies.  People think that the F.D.A. is protecting them.  It isn't.  What the F.D.A. is doing, and what the public thinks it is doing are as different as night and day."

-- Dr. Herbert Ley, former Commissioner of the U.S. F.D.A.

Those partnering with, or actively participating in the pervasive allopathic medical industry have long and boldly proclaimed that alternative medicine is somehow dangerous, despite its avoidance of dangerous chemicals in favor of natural substances.  This sort of politics is what many industries have participated in, due to their fear of open competition from innovative newcomers.  This phenomena in medicine has occurred since Rockefeller hijacked the U.S. medical schools in the depression of the 1930's, by offering funding to submissive medical schools, which eventually allowed Rockefeller (and his F.D.A. cronies) to redefine medicine to mean only treating the symptoms of diseases (no curing) using only invasive surgeries combined with expensive patented pharmaceuticals (i.e. allopathy).  It is unfortunate that most of the world followed this despicable corruption that was born in the United States.

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The Claimer: The information provided herein is intended to be a truthful and corrective alternative to the advice that is provided by physicians and other medical professionals. It is intended to diagnose, treat, cure, and prevent disease.