Quick Tip: Answering Questions about Radiation from Japan and Potassium Iodide

Potassium iodide is the only remedy that is mentioned by other sources for protection against radiation, but it will only partially protect the thyroid and the female reproductive organs. While its usage may be a good idea for especially vulnerable people, it is important to remember that the rest of the body will still be completely unprotected.

If potassium iodide is unavailable, applying a patch of regular iodine (not the povidone type) to the skin, and allowing it to absorb transdermally is a good option. You can also purchase potassium in grocery stores as a salt substitute. Only a small amount of potassium is needed.

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Evaluating The Evaluators from Consumer Lab

This replaces a critical article about the Consumer Lab organization that was written in 2010. Since then, we have reversed our position. The research work of Consumer Lab seems to be fair and balanced. In the interest of fairness to Consumer Lab, the critical article and some of the comments that were associated with it have been removed. We now give Consumer Lab our blessing. As we always tell our people, be a conscientious shopper, and be aware that some of their reports will be better than others. That's just life.

Is Spray Tanning Really The Healthy Option?

Getting the skin tanned from sunlight has been demonized by the medical establishment, regulators, and the chemical industry for over a decade, allegedly for sunlight's potential to cause cancers. As always, when dealing with these people, one must follow the trail of money to discover the truth.

In truth, a lack of sunlight causes dozens of the diseases that we see today; and in particular, it strongly contributes to over 70% of the cancers. These include skin cancers. Without sunlight, no vitamin D is produced by the skin. Without this natural vitamin D from exposure to sunlight, virtually no cholesterol can be removed from the body by the liver (because it lacks D2 to convert to D3), and the body begins hopelessly flushing out its own calcium reserves, causing cavities and bone disorders, and that's just the beginning stage of vitamin D deficiency. Ever seen millions of dominoes fall? It's like that with health, if we shield ourselves from the sun too much.

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F.D.A. Involved In The Biggest Recall Ever -- MSG That Contains Salmonella

This is actual equipment that is used by Basic Food Flavors Inc. to chemically engineer our foods. Take a hard look. Click image to enlarge.

The F.D.A. has just begun what may be the largest recall in history. They are recalling hydrolyzed vegetable protein (H.V.P.), a 'flavor enhancer' that can be found in thousands of processed foods. The chemical is similar to MSG, as it contains large amounts of free glutamic acid; and right now, it is contaminated with salmonella.  Salmonella is usually only found inside animal and human feces, but the source of the H.V.P. contamination has not been disclosed to the public. The Food and Drug Administration has so far refused to comment on whether the facility in question has ever been inspected, or if the facility has a known history of poor sanitation. As usual, their priority is shielding their chemical industry partners from the public that they pretend to serve.

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How To Cure Autism and The Time Bomb Of Mercury Poisoning

Autism strikes 2% of all U.S. children, and this rate is rapidly rising. Members of the medical establishment maintain that they cannot ascertain the cure, and claim to not know the cause. The only thing they claim to know with certainty is that vaccinations cannot be the culprit. Vaccines are categorically exempt from all institutional criticisms, and they are paraded as an unquestionable "miracle of modern science". Although the Centers For Disease Control found that approximately half of the physicians refuse to take routine vaccinations themselves, due to safety and efficacy reasons.

Nevertheless, they preach in unison that vaccines are safe for us and our children. After all, vaccines are said to have ended the polio and smallpox epidemics. Not exactly. The vaccines were conveniently put into usage just after the epidemics had begun their natural dying-off process that all epidemics undergo. This dying-off process is why the epidemic of the Black Plague and thousands of other biological terrors no longer exist, and it has historically happened without the assistance of vaccines. The end of modern epidemics that were fought against with vaccines had successes that were mirrored in countries which did not use any vaccines, and which usually had faster rates of die-off. These statistics are institutionally ignored for the sake of vaccine political correctness in the Western world. Not only has medical history been rewritten to categorically favor vaccines, but evidence of their side-effects is routinely suppressed. There is no better example of this than autism.

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Video: The History of the Illegal Hoxsey Cancer Cure

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Quick Tip: How To Check For Broken Bones At Home With Old School Medicine

There is a simple method for determining if a bone is broken, without the use of any instruments. A bone will reliably maintain a certain degree of stiffness, unless it is broken. Utilizing the inherent stiffness differences between broken and unbroken bones, a light pain response test can be used to check a bone's integrity.

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Not All Zinc Supplements Are Created Equal

According to many pharmacists, zinc is the single greatest dietary supplement. Chemists, pharmacists and doctors alike glorify zinc supplementation. Some of them maintain that zinc will ward off all sickness. While this is not entirely true, zinc does nonetheless fight the rhinovirus, which is responsible for about a third of the common colds in adults, along with many other illnesses which exhibit flu-like symptoms. Zinc boosts the overall immune system to fight infections and speed recovery times. It is therefore a useful supplement for almost everyone. Deficiencies of zinc have been shown in studies to lead to decreased thyroid hormone levels, and hypothyroidism. Zinc supplementation is absolutely vital for pregnant women. If zinc was given to every mother-to-be, then a large portion of birth abnormalities, pre-eclampsia occurrences, and deformations could be avoided. Give zinc the same respect that you would give to folate (the superior version of folic acid) and calcium during pregnancy.

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Quackery: Foot Cleanses, Detox Foot Pads, and Ionic Foot Baths

Kinoki is the name brand that has been sold in major retailers.

There are purportedly two types of foot cleanses: ionic foot baths and detox foot pads. Both are frauds. Detoxification foot pads were initially sold through infomercials and the Internet. They are now being sold inside major retail chains, including Walmart and Walgreens, with retailers smelling untapped cash flows. We have been researching long enough to know that their presence inside major retailers is allowed solely because they do not perform as claimed. Legitimate and effective alternative therapies have been categorically banned from retailers, without exception. Fraud products are allowed because they effectively satisfy the pharmaceutical agenda of destroying the reputation of alternative medicine.

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Hell Froze Over -- Why We Are Supporting The F.D.A. and Why Mike Adams Is Wrong

The Natural News web site began running an article today titled, "Free Greg Caton from FDA tyranny; your help needed".  Our first impulse was to think, "Oh no, the F.D.A. is at it again" -- meaning we figured that the F.D.A. was once again using Gestapo tactics to eliminate competition on behalf of its pharmaceutical partners.  The darkness of their history precedes them.  This is not to say that the F.D.A. is always wrong legally and morally.  By fluke, accident, or divine intervention: occasionally the F.D.A. actually does something right and noble.  Really.  It has happened.

Adams' article about Mr. Caton included:

"Herbalist Greg Caton remains under arrest in the United States after having been illegally kidnapped and extradited from Ecuador by the FDA...  He faces a hearing on March 17th in a Louisiana court, and he needs your help... The U.S. Food and Drug Administration today stands accused of taking part in the kidnapping and illegal extradition of a permanent resident of Ecuador, in violation of both international law and Ecuadorian law."

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God's Nutrition: From The Big Guy Himself

"If you will listen carefully to the Lord your God and do what he considers right, if you pay attention to his commands and obey all his laws, I will never make you suffer any of the diseases I made the Egyptians suffer, because I am the Lord who heals you."

-- Exodus 15:26

We need to look no further than the Laws of Kosher for evidence of the existence of God. His laws of nutrition identically match what took mankind thousands of years of scientific effort to discover. The Jewish people have more-or-less obeyed God's dietary laws. They have typically lived better and longer lives as a result. On average, they outlive the rest of us by about 30 years. That's 30 years of being much more disease-free too.

The Good Book

The Bible is the best selling book in history, and it is also the most debated of all books. Some believers think of the Bible as a tool, while others consider it to be a history book, and another category of believers considers the Bible to be a guidebook for life. For eons, people have practiced its dietary edicts and in particular, it has been the Jewish people who followed the Bible's instructions most rigorously about which foods are acceptable. The foods Biblically blessed for human consumption are commonly called kosher foods. Modern Christians tend to ignore the kosher rules of the Old Testament section, using several quotes from The New Testament as justification. There is no place in the Bible where the Christ actually gave us permission to defy God. It was only Paul, the one with questionable discipleship who did. He is nonetheless widely believed to have been one of the chosen twelve, despite his murderous history and having never met the Christ.

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The Best Natural Stimulants For Increased Energy and Weight Loss

We strongly recommend caution against the use of stimulants for those with unresolved heart problems or high blood pressure. Use caution when combining stimulants. For people of reasonably good health and common sense, stimulants can be like a God-send; especially for those who have slowed metabolisms. Of course, we recommend dealing appropriately with whatever underlying issues might be causing a slowed metabolism, but sometimes a multi-pronged attack is prudent. Appropriately used stimulants can help a person to get into better shape, while providing the necessary energy to do so, at the same time. Again, common sense and responsible usage are prudent to ensure that more good is done than harm.

Our official recommendation is that people start slowly discovering how these various stimulants effect them independently. As Confucius once stated, "Never test the depth of the water with both feet at the same time". If used excessively or unwisely, these stimulants could cause serious health issues. The first major problem will be kidney stress for most individuals who use this information unwisely.

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Revising The History Of Medicine and Some Old School Medicine In Old Salem

The Moravians, a Protestant sect who came to America from Germany, have a living museum in Winston-Salem comprising several streets.  They have homes and business buildings that date back hundreds of years, replete with ladies and tradesmen playing the roles of their contemporaries from centuries past.  This place is called Old Salem.  It is like a small scale version of Colonial Williamsburg.  Walking about Old Salem, one would almost expect to see George Washington riding his steed, or an invading army of Red Coats.

Calm Before The Storm:  Before The Doctor's House

We enjoyed our visit, and stumbled over some interesting facts that are worthy of being reported to our readers.  There were also a few history lessons about how much history has been corrupted by powerful industries, even amongst the historians.

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It Is Unsafe To Eat Restaurant Food

People assume that restaurant plates, utensils, and cups are dried using heat, not chemicals. Few restaurants simply dry their food utensils after washing them nowadays. They are using so-called "drying agents" on everything except for the tables and chairs, and perhaps we would have cause to shudder if we knew what was being used on them.

Some of the drying agents used are bone phosphate, calcium aluminum silicate, calcium ferrocyanide, calcium silicate, sulfamic acid, calcium stearate, kaolin, magnesium silicate (synthetic), magnesium stearate, potassium ferrocyanide, salts of fatty acids, silicon dioxide, sodium aluminosilicate, sodium ferrocyanide, tricalcium phosphate, and trimagnesium phosphate.

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Why We Bought A Bread Maker, and Why You Definitely Should Too

One of the most unhealthy items in the average household is bread. Commercial bread is nothing short of toxic, despite all of the marketing claims about its nutritional qualities and high fiber. The modern breads that are sold in retailers always contain soybean oil, and they usually contain aluminum too. The days of false marketing about the health benefits of soy are almost over. Aluminum is a toxic heavy metal which builds up in the human body to cause neurological problems over time.

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Mail Bag #11: Trusted Companies, Pagan Infiltrators, Colloidal Silver, and Supplement Safety

From: Thomas Corriher
To: *************
Subject: Re: Some Questions
Date: Thu, 18 Feb 2011 14:23:00 -0500 (EDT)

"First, do you know of a good place online that I could buy some "high quality" Fo-Ti root and/or Saw Palmetto? In the past, I bought some from this website...

We usually avoid recommending particular brands for a variety of ethical and journalistic reasons.  The real question is: who can you trust?  Being informed means reading the labels and learning something about the history of the company.  Sometimes the choice is a particularly tough one, and the person is left following his intuition.  Perhaps prayer would help.

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Beware of Deodorants and Antiperspirants, Especially The "Safe" and "All Natural" Ones

Crystal DeodorantThere are plenty of fraudulent products that are marketed as "natural", which actually poison people chemically or otherwise. We find these cases particularly disturbing because they attempt to target the very people who are trying to be healthy. Among the best examples of this can be found in the industry of natural antiperspirants and deodorants. The leading brands, Crystal and Naturally Fresh both make fraudulent claims at the expense of their customers' health. These products contain a toxic heavy metal, and are dishonestly labeled. A typical example is the boast "No Aluminum Chlorohydrate", with the insinuation that aluminum chlorohydrate is the only source of aluminum for these products. To the contrary, "potassium alum" hides it in plain view in the ingredients list.

Potassium alum is otherwise known as "potassium aluminum sulfate" on honest labeling that is not hiding the presence of aluminum. Alum can occur in nature (which is how they manage to claim that it is "all natural"), but that does not make the alum any safer for the human body than any other form of aluminum. Mercury is likewise naturally occurring; as are hemlock, strychnine, lead, and cyanide. All of these ingredients are likewise quite dangerous to human health; especially with long-term exposure. Toxic heavy metals are still toxic heavy metals, regardless of whether they are discovered on the tops of mountains or in the depths of the oceans. Some companies claim that their alum is extracted from volcanic ash, and this makes it both natural and safe. The manufacturing process involves heating alunite rock to over 1,400° Fahrenheit, and then dousing it with sulfuric acid to finalize breaking down its molecular structure. They refer to the resulting chemically-engineered substance as both "all natural" and "unprocessed" alum.

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Why Beef Is Absolutely Critical For Children and How Big Media Has Deceived Us Again

The Truth About Beef

The Power of Iron

Our in-depth research has repeatedly verified that red meats are essential for the vision and immune systems of all developing children. There is no substitute for beef. Take for instance the iron supplements that are intended to compensate for diets lacking beef: the body absorbs less than 10% of these chemically manufactured iron supplements, and increasing their dosage quickly makes them toxic, and sometimes fatal.

In order to prove that red meat is dangerous (since this is politically correct and will therefore keep the funding money flowing) studies about red meat only utilize nitrate-laced, hormone-raised, and corn-fed beef and pork raised in horrific factory farms. This is, of course, to prove the inherent unhealthy qualities of red meat. For the sake of this politically correct science, organic, range-fed beef is conveniently avoided in virtually all of the studies that get published. The number crunchers also have a tendency to lump-in the less healthy pork with beef statistics; to skew the numbers even further. We challenge our readers to locate any credible, well-published, and peer-reviewed study showing negative health consequences from consuming organic (unbastardized) beef as part of a balanced diet.

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Naturally Eliminating Joint and Arthritis Pain

Chronic joint pain is a plague for 47 million Americans, with a large portion of them having become totally dependent upon expensive pain medications. Despite mountains of misinformation, joint pain does not necessarily need to occur with aging, and it can usually be eliminated with much safer alternatives. The human body was designed to heal itself when given the appropriate nutrients.

Arthritis is sometimes caused by a virus. This fact is somewhat ignored in the health industry, because the mainstream establishment is unable to kill the virus with antibiotics. Admitting to the impotency of their pharmaceutical arsenal would be admitting their failure, so they lie about it. Their lack of success in stopping the arthritis virus is heralded as unquestionable scientific proof that no virus exists. The logic is very circular. The evidence of the medical cover-up begins with the fact that there are some viral conditions which are known to directly cause arthritis, such as hepatitis and Lyme disease. Furthermore, the orthodox explanation of arthritis suggests that it should only occur in regions which have been historically aggravated or injured. If arthritis begins spreading throughout a body like they now admit that it does, then it is obviously not the result of an injury, or of regionalized inflammation. Injuries cannot move about with a will of their own, even if modern medical men claim that they do. Finally, there are alternative therapies that actually kill the (supposedly non-existent) virus, such as colloidal silver; to effect a permanent cure.

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Quick Tip: Homemade Eye Drops For Dryness, Irritation, Itching, and Various Infections

Most people experience periodic eye problems, including infections, dryness and injuries. Eye drops are usually the first response to these situations, but the eye drops that are sold in pharmacies normally contain thimerosal (thiomersal). It is an allergy-inflicting, mercury-containing preservative that has rightly sparked outrage for its use in vaccines. Standard eye drops contain a plethora of other toxic ingredients that were designed to ensure that they never have bacterial growth. The chemicals were chosen specifically because they are poisonous.

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The Claimer: The information provided herein is intended to be a truthful and corrective alternative to the advice that is provided by physicians and other medical professionals. It is intended to diagnose, treat, cure, and prevent disease.